YouTuber videogamedunkey is starting to sell games
YouTuber videogamedunkey is starting to sell games

YouTuber videogamedunkey is starting to sell games

YOUTUBER videogamedunkey, who has more than 7 million subscribers on the platform, has announced that she will be starting a publisher with her partner, Leah.

Jason ‘videogamedunkey’ Gastrow started creating funny YouTube videos criticizing games about 11 years ago.

It has become popular over the years, and is now one of the most popular creators on the platform, worth several million dollars.

Over the years, he has been critical of the triple-digit big-budget games that come out with basically the same game every year.

This includes games that delay development through small businesses, or that don’t bring anything new or interesting to the industry, calling them “spam.”

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Dunkey said that his new publication, BigMode, will be used to help independent creators interested in their projects.

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He calls himself “a passionate voice of quality, originality and fun in independent gaming”.

It also states that BigMode will not work with games that use NFT, crypto, or blockchain technology.

No one is currently signed to BigMode, although developers can apply for a publishing deal on the website.

One of the biggest claims Dunkey makes in his announcement video is that the company “puts a lot of effort into making the best friendly deals possible.”

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However, we have not yet seen copies of the contracts and do not know the exact terms.

On Twitter, many criticized Dunkey’s efforts, saying that a game reviewer doesn’t have the experience to post.

Publishers often perform several administrative tasks for studios, such as approving games and age ratings for each site, as well as managing media and marketing.

Speaking anonymously to the GLHF, an industry professional supported Dunkey’s efforts to promote unknown sports through its platform.

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They said: “That’s why failed publishers, with executives as experienced as Dunkey, when they start controlling a new publisher is ridiculous.

“They’re more likely to focus on publishing games that actually sell rather than relying on one-off titles to take their place in classifieds.”

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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