World’s worst boss ‘installed CAMERAS in toilets to monitor holidays’ and sacked two staff ‘for long hours’
World’s worst boss ‘installed CAMERAS in toilets to monitor holidays’ and sacked two staff ‘for long hours’

World’s worst boss ‘installed CAMERAS in toilets to monitor holidays’ and sacked two staff ‘for long hours’

A BOSS has been accused of installing cameras in bathrooms to monitor breaks.

A tech company in southeast China has denied installing CCTV in bathrooms to monitor phone use and smoking during bathroom breaks.

The company is said to have used these images as a warning to other employees


The photos have raised some serious concerns


But three photos taken of the workers hiding in the restrooms while taking a break have leaked online, Red Star News reported.

The three men were shown sitting on the toilet smoking and using their phones.

The company reportedly used the video to warn other employees about violating company policies, according to a leaked internal file.

But the photos have raised serious concerns, with many saying it was another example of “big brother” surveillance in China.

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One of them said: “The company should be punished for violating the surveillance cameras. »

Another wrote: “They treat people like animals, without respect or humanity. »

A third described the decision as a “dystopian nightmare”.

The company is said to have fired two of the men pictured, while the other one lost his monthly allowance and was given a warning.

The company said the workers had “crossed the line” and deserved “severe punishment”.

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A member of the staff told Red Star News: “The cameras will indeed capture certain moments, but as a matter of fact the policy has advantages and disadvantages. »

This issue comes after another strange boss refused to hire people whose number five is the number five of their number.

The manager of an education company in Shenzhen, China, is said to have told job applicants to change their numbers if they are serious about getting a job at the company.

The strange condition of the work is based on the myth that if the five digits of the number five will bring bad luck.

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This strange situation – which has nothing to do with skills or work ethic – has sparked a heated debate online.

One user said, “It’s the 21st century and there are still superstitions.

“Why don’t you just hire a Feng-shui master?” »

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But some of the fans agreed with the director’s decision.

One said: “My mum told me it would be better if my number didn’t have a zero or a five, so it’s not one five. »

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