Will Call of Duty players move to Xbox in the future?
Will Call of Duty players move to Xbox in the future?

Will Call of Duty players move to Xbox in the future?

Brazil – Microsoft’s bid to take over billionaire publisher Activision-Blizzard is complex! So it must be the competition authorities from all over the world to agree. There Brazilian authorities published now in the The questions asked Sony as well as Sony Answer. for Call of duty Sony has interesting views on exclusivity between PlayStation (PS5, PS4)ak Xbox (Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One).

Explosive response from Sony

Call of Duty as a “Unique Selling Proposition”? Here’s what Sony thinks about the Call of Duty serieswithout direct competition“I am. “Call of Duty is so popular that it is Choices that affect the console.” Additionally, “The Call of Duty community is so loyal that they wouldn’t buy a competing product with a similar development budget.”

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To support its argument, Sony adds that Call of Duty consumes hundreds of millions of dollars a year in production costs and approximately 1,200 employees are directly involved in development. “That’s why Call of Duty has more developers than most game companies […] including triple A developers.”

Sony continued: “No other developer can offer the same level of resources and expertise. And even if it does, Call of Duty is so established that no competitor – no matter how important – can keep up.

Sony also refers to sales figures for Call of Duty: Vanguard (2021). Although this branch of the series could not keep up with the sales figures of the last titles, it was still more successful than most of the other games.

Call of Duty: Vanguard certainly wasn’t the best game in the series in years, but it’s still selling very well. – (C) Activision

Other publishers certainly see competition: In addition to Sony, other companies have also been questioned by the Brazilian competition authority. Publisher Bandai Namco says there’s definitely competition for the shooter series, which keeps getting bigger and stronger. He cites Battlefield, Valorant and Destiny as examples. Riot Games also sees it listing Apex Legends, Rainbow Six, Battlefield and more as contenders.

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Sony still owns the exclusive rights to Call of Duty

Sony still has exclusive rights to the next three Cod sequels (including the new Modern Warfare 2). These are displayed, for example, through time-only content. If Microsoft were successful with controlling Activision, there would be exclusive Xbox rights there. In early 2022, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer dismissed the idea that Call of Duty would not be released on Sony’s console in the future.

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If competition authorities believe Sony’s reasoning, it would spell trouble for Microsoft’s planned takeover.

Why is this important? Brazil is one of the regions that must approve the acquisition to prevent Microsoft’s failed acquisition of Activision-Blizzard. Since the country’s government is transparent about these things, Sony’s response and how concerned they are about the purchase has been shared online.

Sony seems concerned that Call of Duty will eventually become an Xbox exclusive. As a result, the PlayStation platform could lose many players who could “move” to the Xbox. Microsoft, of course, sees things differently, as a statement from New Zealand shows.

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