Who is Ricardo Betancur?  Man Arrested Near US Open on Waving Gun Charges and Check Reports
Who is Ricardo Betancur? Man Arrested Near US Open on Waving Gun Charges and Check Reports

Who is Ricardo Betancur? Man Arrested Near US Open on Waving Gun Charges and Check Reports

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A Long Island man, Ricardo Betancur, was arrested for waving a gun near the US Open venue. The incident happened on Saturday, September 3, 2022. Sources confirm that the 23-year-old man was caught with a gun while waving the gun out of the passenger side of a car. Ricardo was driving down Roosevelt Avenue in a black 2018 Lexus around 3 p.m. as police were directing traffic for the famous tennis tournament. However, the officers observed his hand, holding the firearm. See more details about the issue in the article below.
Later, when the police tried to pull over the car, the driver drove off, throwing the 23-year-old out, according to the sources. The unloaded gun was eventually found by police. Ricardo, who was apprehended, was said to be carrying drugs and weapons. He is charged with illegal possession of weapons and drugs. Still looking for the driver. No weapons were fired during the altercation and no one was injured, police and sources told the New York Post.
More information has not yet been released by officers. On September 11, the tennis championship matches will end. This is not the first time such an incident has happened, as earlier a customer from Texas violently attacked the elderly owner of a store. However, the owner fought back and even beat the attacker in a fistfight. After one of the victims brandished a gun, a witness was heard shouting “Don’t shoot her!”.

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The two men then made an effort to knock down the intruder. The man holding a rifle said, “Stop! Run away! “. The old man threw a barrage of rapid blows. “Chill out, chill out, okay chill out, okay chill out,” the girl then begged for mercy. In a separate incident, police in Massachusetts detained a man suspected of displaying a gun inside a store following an altercation with another man.

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The suspect was not wearing a mask. However, the 30-year-old victim, who is believed not to have been wearing a mask inside the business, escaped the encounter unharmed. A short time later, investigators arrested Goulston, 59, at his residence with the assistance of the East Bridgewater Police Department. This type of incidents happened quite often and called into question the work of the department. Not much information has been released about the incident at this time. Follow us for more updates and latest news.

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