Who is Cleotha Abston?  What happened to Eliza Fletcher?  disclosure
Who is Cleotha Abston? What happened to Eliza Fletcher? disclosure

Who is Cleotha Abston? What happened to Eliza Fletcher? disclosure

Who is Cleotha Abston What happened to Eliza Fletcher revealed

Eliza Fletcher, a 34-year-old mother and kindergarten teacher from Memphis, known to her family as Liza, was abducted Friday while out for a morning run. Following Fletcher’s surprise abduction on Friday, Cleotha Abston, 38, was arrested. But still, Eliza Fletcher has not yet been found.

Fletcher is still missing and the Memphis Police Department (MPD) is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to her location.

What happened to Eliza Fletcher?

Around four in the morning on September 2nd, Fletcher, an avid runner who has earned a place in the Boston Marathon, goes for a run. Authorities said she was traveling on her usual route near the University of Memphis.

Around 4:20 a.m., she was “abducted and pushed into a medium-sized, dark-colored SUV” as she sped down a section of Central Avenue.

The University of Memphis and Fletcher’s husband, Richard Fletcher III, both called MPD at 7:45 a.m. to report her missing when she didn’t return after her run.

Some of Fletcher’s belongings were discovered by police on Central Avenue. They were also informed that after a struggle, a man approached Fletcher and pushed her into a dark SUV.

The car was eventually identified as a GMC Terrain by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

According to MPD, there is no connection between Fletcher’s abduction and claims earlier in the semester that someone harassed members of the University of Memphis women’s cross country team while they were jogging nearby, as reported in Friday afternoon news reports. .

According to FOX 13 Memphis, officers later took a white Jeep Grand Wagoneer from outside Fletcher’s home.

Eliza Fletcher IDs

The white Mrs. Fletcher is described as having blond hair and green eyes. She stands at a height of about 5’6″ and weighs about 137 lbs. She had her hair up in a bun and wore a matching headband while wearing a pink athletic top and purple running shorts.

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Calling Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH is the best way for anyone with knowledge of the kidnapping to come forward.

Who is Cleotha Abston? Suspected kidnapper arrested

Who is Cleotha Abston?  Suspected kidnapper arrested

A man has been arrested by the Memphis Police Department in connection with the disappearance of Eliza Fletcher, a teacher.

Following Fletcher’s surprise abduction on Friday, Cleotha Abston, 38, was arrested and charged with aggravated kidnapping and tampering with evidence, Memphis police announced early Sunday.


Gender Male
Race Black
Height 6’00”
Weight 175
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown

“Elizabeth Fletcher’s abduction is still under investigation and ongoing. The investigation is ongoing and all leads are being followed,” the police informed.

Fletcher was “abducted and forced into” a black SUV on Friday while on a normal morning run near the University of Memphis, according to police. The police have located the car and are currently looking for the woman.

The car had been found, according to Memphis police later Saturday, but the 34-year-old mother and kindergarten teacher were still missing.

“The suspect car has been located and the male occupant has been arrested. No trace of Eliza Fletcher has been made,” they said.

According to authorities, another man was detained on Sunday, but the arrest was unrelated to the woman’s abduction.

Cleotha Abston kidnapped Kemper Durand 20 years ago

Cleotha Abston

On May 25, 2000, around two in the morning, Durand was returning to his car after attending a party on Beale Street when a lone gunman approached from behind, stole his money and forced him into the trunk. Cleotha Abston, the kidnapper, drove and picked up friends before driving Durand to a Mapco station to use an ATM about two hours later. Durand yelled that he had been kidnapped when a uniformed officer from the Memphis Housing Authority entered and the kidnappers left.

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Sixteen months after he was kidnapped at gunpoint and thrown into the trunk of his car, attorney Kemper Durand watched with some regret last week as two juveniles involved in the case received prison terms.

Abston received a 20-year prison sentence without the possibility of parole after pleading guilty minutes before his trial was due to begin. According to Durand, he previously rejected a 15-year deal for the same offense because he did not want to sign his name to serve his sentence. Abston has a long record of aggravated assault and theft.

Durand hesitated after hearing the second defendant’s sentence. Marquette Cobbins, who was 17 at the time of the incident, was involved. He was one of the friends Abston rescued from Durand’s captivity. His previous court history included a truancy violation and a disorderly conduct charge.

According to Durand, he was indeed sitting on the porch when Abston walked by. I think any kid who could grow up where he grew up with only two minor strokes is definitely very good stuff.

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Durand requested probation for Cobbins in a letter to District Attorney Bill Gibbons with the following requirements: high school graduation; payment of $195 to Durand for the money in Cobbins’ wallet; paying his car towing fees; and involvement in a mentoring program.

Cobbins’ request was denied, and he later admitted to aiding and abetting a kidnapping. He received a seven-and-a-half-year term and said he would be eligible for parole after 18 months.

Besides feeling horrible about it, Durand claims to be horrified by the slow pace of justice.

Cleotha Abston has already served nearly 16 months in prison, according to Durand. Perhaps this is a contributing factor to prison overcrowding.

Additionally, he was reportedly arrested a few months ago on unrelated theft charges.

Not even a year after his release, he too is accused of the same crime.


Who is Mario Abston?

Mario Abston, 36, was charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to manufacture and sell fentanyl, possession of a controlled substance with intent to manufacture and sell, according to a statement from the Memphis Police Department. heroin and was convicted. felon in possession of a firearm while committing a dangerous felony.

This is a developing story and more information about Eliza Fletcher is on the way. Check back later to find new reports.


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