When is Genshin Impact Version 3.0 and Sumeru Region coming out?  Answer
When is Genshin Impact Version 3.0 and Sumeru Region coming out? Answer

When is Genshin Impact Version 3.0 and Sumeru Region coming out? Answer


Genshin Impact will soon get version 3.0 and the new big region called Sumeru. Here is the release date for this big update.

Genshin Impact fans are looking forward to it release of version 3.0 along with new region called “Sumeru” and developer HoYoverse announced everything you need to know about it.

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The new version is definitely exciting as it brings tons of content on top of the new large area, including three new characters and a new magic item called “Dendro”.

Genshin Impact version 3.0 and Sumeru region release date

Version 3.0 of Genshin Impact, titled “The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings” will be released on August 24, 2022.

Genshin Impact Version 3.0 and Sumeru Release Date
What image source: HoYoverse

What does Genshin Impact version 3.0 include?

Genshin Impact Version 3.0 comes with a lot of content, including a massive new region called “Sumeru” inspired by South America and Egypt. You can visit the city of Sumeru and Port Ormos, plus the extensive rainforest and desert.

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Sumeru is known as the “Nation of Wisdom” and is also home to the new element Dendro, which completes the seven-element Genshin Impact system.

Two of the three new characters coming with the update are based on this element, Collei and Tighnari. A third character named Dori is associated with the Electro element.

Of course, the update will also bring a lot of changes, fixes and quality of life improvements, including three new tools, the Boon of the Elder Tree, the Ultra-Hot Burner Lamp Test Model and the Fishing Line Stabilizer, which will make the wood. farming, cooking and fishing processes easier.

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You can also expect plenty of in-game events to keep you busy through the end of summer, starting on August 24th.

This is all you need to know Genshin Impact version 3.0 and its release date. The wait for the fourth region of this very popular online RPG will not be long.