What to do if the car is hit from behind?  These tips are very helpful!
What to do if the car is hit from behind? These tips are very helpful!

What to do if the car is hit from behind? These tips are very helpful!

In carrying out our daily routine, we do not run away from getting into a vehicle to carry out our daily tasks, it is not true that one day we do not encounter roadblocks. There are still many Malaysians who do not obey the traffic laws. Some go over the speed limit, others use the emergency lane, and there are even those who are too busy with vehicles to the point where some like to “live” close to cars!

This can lead to an accident, hitting the back of the car in front of you. The front driver, of course panic! I don’t know what to do next.

Follow the steps and advice of an attorney if your car is rear-ended.

1. If someone rear-ends your car, don’t panic and take it easy.

3. After you see that the vehicle that hit your car also stops the vehicle, take your cell phone that has a camera and get out of the car.

Remember! Do not take dangerous tools such as steering lock, machetes, iron tools and so on, as you may be charged with attempting to attack and injure other people and public property.

4. Take a photo of the number plate and road tax of the vehicle that will hit you earlier.

5. When the driver who hit you gets out of the vehicle, give him a good salute. Even if you can’t smile with him, but don’t keep cursing him.

6. Ask him nicely why he hit your car? Usually, in such a situation, each will try to blame the other.

7. If possible, ask the driver who hit the car to see your ID or driver’s license. Take a photo of your ID card or driver’s license.

8. If he pleads not guilty to hitting your car, don’t force him to plead guilty or pay you money.

Tell him that, legally, if a vehicle rear-ends another vehicle, negligence is caused by the offending vehicle.

9. If he pleads guilty, ask him to cover the cost of fixing your car. Reminded once again, no need to ask him for money. Go ahead and take it to your regular shop to assess how much damage your car has.

If you can keep going, don’t be late even if you have other things to do.

The sooner you solve the problem, the better

10. Don’t forget to get his phone number or business card so you can contact him later.

12. Go immediately to make a police report at the nearest police station.

13. With the earlier police report, go to JPJ and do a vehicle search to find out the insurance company that hit your car earlier.

14. Go directly to the insurance company’s panel shop and ask them to handle the third party claim to repair the damage to your car.

Easy, isn’t it?

There is no need to get agitated and do something that can lower your dignity and expose you to criminal behavior. Our country has laws.

We hope sharing these tips can help you, just remember to follow the law!

source: FB Muafakat Johor