What are the competitions on August 17 that are funny, entertaining and crowded
What are the competitions on August 17 that are funny, entertaining and crowded

What are the competitions on August 17 that are funny, entertaining and crowded

Bisnisnet.com – What are the funny, entertaining and crowded competitions on August 17? Indonesians will soon celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day on August 17, 2022. Various matches are usually organized to welcome the independence. Now this is a unique and fun idea for the August 17th contest that can be used as inspiration.

Independence Day is celebrated once a year on August 17. To welcome and enliven Indonesia’s 77th Independence Day, each region often organizes various types of competitions. For those who are still confused about how to come up with a contest idea, let’s take a look at the following unique and funny August 17th contest ideas that are compiled from various sources.

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August 17 Collection of contest ideas

1, The Great Independence Day Instagram Photo Contest
2, Race in a helmet bag
3, Cake eating contest
4, Matching Sandals Contest
5, Watermelon Coin Contest
6, TikTok dance contest
7, Competition for making creative videos on the theme of fighting
8, Apple peeling competition
9, Duck Catching Contest
10, Cool photo contest
11, Dance competition
12, Guess the thing in the closed box
13, Quick Writing Contest
14, Race to see who can put the eel in the bottle
15, Race to keep the candle burning as you run
16, Game of blindfolded balls
17, Contest eating oreos from the forehead
18, Balloon dance competition
19, Dangdut Volleyball match
20, Pants contest without using the right hand
21, Football glove competition
22, Stir the water while moving with a spoon
23, Speed ​​while transporting people
24, Blindfolded Cookie Eating Contest
25, The Ultimate Sandal Contest
26, Hold a small ball on your head while dancing
27, Competition for place
28, Compete with a spoonful of flour in motion
29, the fastest noodle eating contest
30, Race to find coins with your mouth in a box full of flour
31, masked paper plane flying contest
32, running race with gloves
33, Spicy Eating Contest
34 years, the Lari marathon
35, blindfolded water club competition
36, A contest for launching a balloon filled with money and water
37, awkward race
38, Blindfold Makeup Contest
39, Imitating famous characters
40, Hero Impersonation Contest
41, Tugboat competition with attractive costumes
42, Streams of water moving with a straw
43, areca climbing competition
44, Poetry reading competition
45, Singing competition

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This is information about unique and funny ideas for the August 17th game that can be used as inspiration. Let’s welcome and celebrate Indonesia’s 77th Independence Day with various positive activities.

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