Watch a battle between a Copperhead and Kingsnake in the Alabama Woods
Watch a battle between a Copperhead and Kingsnake in the Alabama Woods

Watch a battle between a Copperhead and Kingsnake in the Alabama Woods

There are many epic confrontations in the animal world, but can you imagine walking out into the woods near your backyard and witnessing an incredible battle between two snakes within walking distance?

That’s exactly what happened in Alabama, and luckily, it was all caught on video.

This is just a short clip, and when it starts, it’s hard to tell exactly what we’re looking at, as barely visible among the leaf litter are two perfectly camouflaged snakes – a copperhead and a kingsnake.

When it comes to copperhead vs kingsnake, you’d probably expect it to be a fair and simple fight. After all, one is venomous and one is a constrictor. However, it immediately becomes clear that the venomous copperhead is at a disadvantage as the kingsnake tries to circle around him.

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The copperhead thrashes violently, its body rising into the air as the king snake slowly tries to coil itself further up.

The copperhead squirms again, trying to break free, but in an instant, the kingsnake manages another coil… now it really is a fight for survival.

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Again, the snake-king tries to approach, carefully avoiding the copperhead’s deadly fangs as it strikes again with fury. The copper head tries to pull away, fighting for its life, but is trapped by the powerful weight of the powerful king snake around its body.

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Slowly, the king snake slithered up towards the head of the brass head. Now, we have a feeling that this battle is about to reach its climax.

With its mouth agape, the serpent-king grabs the brass head by the back of the head, while the brass head valiantly tries to fight back. But it’s too late!

In an expert move, the snake-king turns them both. After a moment or two of rolling and writhing, the kingsnake begins to coil itself tightly around the copperhead, squeezing and suffocating it.

There is a gasp from the onlookers. “My God,” they say, as the serpent-king coils three times, then four times, around the brass head.

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After one last tail flick, the copperhead goes limp and the video ends, leaving us with the feeling that we have just witnessed one of nature’s most extraordinary feats.

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