Volta 401 Electric Motor Price (Cash & Credit) – Price List & Tariff 2022
Volta 401 Electric Motor Price (Cash & Credit) – Price List & Tariff 2022

Volta 401 Electric Motor Price (Cash & Credit) – Price List & Tariff 2022

Although petroleum (gasoline) fueled motorcycles are still around, more and more manufacturers are now launching electric horses in the domestic market. In addition to foreign brands, several brands are known to be original Indonesian products, one of which is the Volta 401. Appearing in a thick automatic scooter model, this motorcycle is sold at quite affordable prices.

Volta 401 electric motor (source: compass)
Volta 401 electric motor (source: compass)

Nowadays, more and more Indonesians have the opportunity to buy their own car for their daily transportation needs. Even so, motorcycles remain the mainstay of mobility. The reason is that apart from being an agile and practical means of transport when used to get through traffic jams, both in the city and outside the city, the fuel consumption of motorcycles is also lower in comparison with four-wheeled vehicles.[1]

Unfortunately, over time, the cost of using private vehicles, including motorcycles, becomes more and more expensive. The increase in the price of fuel (gasoline), either as a result of uncertain supply due to uneven distribution and the increasingly reduced availability of oil, has led parties to think about finding more efficient solutions for daily transportation.

Finally, he created what is called an electric motorcycle. Electric motorcycles are two-wheel vehicles without fuel that are driven by dynamo and batteries, which are divided into two types of currents, namely DC and AC.[2] The electric motorcycle is said to cost only Rp 4,500 to travel a distance of 100 km, assuming the price of electricity per kWh is around Rp 1,500.

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Volta 401 specifications

There are already many companies launching electric motorcycles in the domestic market. The names that are quite popular are Viar with its Viar Q variant, then there are Gesits, United T1800, Honda PCX Hybrid and Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid Connected. Additionally, there is also a Volta 401 which turns out to be an in-house assembled original.

The Volta 401 first greeted consumers in the country around December 2020 through the IIMS Motobike Hybrid Show 2020 held at Motovillage, Kemang from December 4-13, 2020. At that time, the motorcycles were able to steal attention because they appeared in a distinctive way. modern electric scooter design.

Launched by PT Volta Indonesia this semester, this electric motorcycle is considered by the company as a serious step for the manufacturer to participate in the blue sky campaign that was launched by the Indonesian government. In addition, the product is expected to meet the demand for electric motors in the country.

In appearance, the Volta 401 carries dimensions of 1,920 mm in length, 1,100 mm in width and 680 mm in height. The design of this iron horse is similar to entry-level automatic scooters like Honda’s BEAT, with a sharp cornering pull. The front and rear lights have implemented LED technology combined with a projector. This lamp model is not only to save energy, but it is also said to be brighter for lighting matters.

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As a modern motorcycle, the Volta 401 is certainly equipped with contemporary features. The company incorporates a USB slot to charge the device’s battery, a speed control button for a reverse function. Not only that, the Volta 401 is also backed by a keyless ignition system and a digital-style speedometer to make it look futuristic.

For the kitchen track sector, the motor which is said to be able to carry loads of up to 200 kg is based on a 60 volt 20 Ah lithium-ion battery with a 1,500 watt powered motor. The Volta 401 is said to be able to run at a top speed of 55 km per hour and cover a distance of 55 km on a full battery. To fully charge the battery, users need about 6 to 8 hours.

Volta 401 electric motor (source: redputih.com)
Volta 401 electric motor (source: redputih.com)

Volta 401 price

If you are interested in owning a Volta 401, it is not difficult to get hold of this electric motorcycle. The reason is that the Volta 401 is already sold for free in the domestic market and you can buy it directly from the official dealer or even order it through an online buy and sell site. At the IIMS 2022 exhibition, this electric motorcycle was offered at a price of Rp. 14,900,000. (OTR Jakarta). Meanwhile, when not at an exhibition, the Volta 401 can be purchased through e-commerce sites with an official price of Rp. 19,500,000. at 20,000,000 Rp. (OTR Jakarta) and is available in red, black, blue and red/white. variants.

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401. Volta credit scheme

DP (advanced) The duck Tenor
Rp3,500,000 Rp 1,340,000 per month 11 months
Rp3,500,000 IDR 581,000 per month 33 months
Rp2,300,000 Rp 1,466,000 per month 11 months
Rp2,300,000 IDR 634,000 per month 33 months

The Volta 401 Electric Motorcycle rate schedule information above was obtained from a statement by Volta during the IIMS 2022 exhibition. You should note that the price of the Volta 401 Electric Motorcycle is not binding and can be changed at any time. In addition, prices for each region may be different.

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[2] Nurrahmat, Andhika. 2010. Analysis of Solar Canopy Structure with Finite Element Method (Final Draft). Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Islamic University of Indonesia.