Updated WBL Lamongan Ticket Price Information – 2022 Price and Tariff List
Updated WBL Lamongan Ticket Price Information – 2022 Price and Tariff List

Updated WBL Lamongan Ticket Price Information – 2022 Price and Tariff List

You must be familiar with WBL aka Wisata Bahari Lamongan. Yes, this is quite a popular tourist attraction in East Java and is often a reference to fill vacation time. The reason is that WBL offers many rides that are not only suitable for children but also for adults. Like other tourist spots, in order to enjoy the excitement of the rides in this place, visitors will be charged an entrance ticket at a relatively affordable price.

Entrance to Lamongan/WBL Maritime Tourism (youtube: Risky Dwi P)
Entrance to Lamongan/WBL Maritime Tourism (youtube: Risky Dwi P)

Admit it or not, although it used to be known as a place of religious tourism (until now), the leading tourism sector of Lamongan Regency is currently in the WBL area.[1][2]WBL is a marine tourism site that was first inaugurated on November 14, 2004 and is managed by PT Bumi Lamongan Sejati. Previously, this area was more famous as a tour of Tanjung Frog Beach and Maharani Cave.

There are lots of fun activities to do at WBL. Some of the top rides in this tourist spot include the Underwater Palace, Insectarium Cave, Space Shuttle, Wali Songo Pavilion, Texas City, Dangdut Pope, Shooting Fish, Greenhouse and Pirate Palace. There are several rides that require visitors to pay an additional fee in addition to the entrance ticket, there are also rides that can be enjoyed for free.

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Last year, the WBL entrance ticket price was set at IDR 75 thousand per person on weekdays and IDR 100 thousand per person on weekends. Meanwhile, the entrance ticket to WBL and Maharani Cave is IDR 97,500 per person on weekdays and IDR 130,000 per person on weekends. We present here the latest information about WBL Entrance Ticket Prices, which we have quoted directly from the official website.

WBL Lamongan Marine Tourism vehicle (source: lamongantourism.com)
WBL Lamongan Marine Tourism vehicle (source: lamongantourism.com)

WBL ticket prices

information WBL weekday ticket price WBL Weekend Ticket Price
WBL entry ticket 45,000 Rp 55,000 Rp
The WBL package 80,000 Rp 105,000 Rp
Allowed Package (WBL + Maharani Zoo & Goa) 105,000 Rp 135,000 Rp

We have summarized the WBL ticket prices above from the official website and they are valid from July 11 to August 31, 2022. Last 2021 when the promotion was apparently WBL HTM on weekdays (Monday-Thursday) IDR 40k per person, in while on weekends (Friday-Sunday) 50 thousand IDR per person. If there is no promotion, the WBL weekend entry ticket price is IDR 50k per person, the WBL package ticket price is IDR 100k per person, and the WBL canal plus Maharani Zoo and Goa ticket price is IDR 130k per person.

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In addition to regular tickets, WBL often holds promotions. One of the promotions that took place was the September Ceria, which allowed visitors to get a free regular WBL ticket whenever they bought two WBL tickets at the channel (WBL plus Maharani Zoo & Goa). Terms for this Cheerful September promotional ticket include one ID valid for one transaction only, and visitors must make a reservation with no more than J-1 prior to visit.

Visitors enjoy sleigh rides at Wisata Bahari Lamongan (source: turisbaharilamongan.com)
Sleigh rides at Wisata Bahari Lamongan (source: wisatabaharilamongan.com)

WBL Rides ticket prices

Game name WBL Rides Ticket price
Flying fox 25,000 Rp
ATV (2 laps) 15,000 Rp
Water bike (5 minutes) 10,000 Rp
Banana Boat (maximum 5 people) 225,000 Rp
King Donut Boat (maximum 5 donuts) 200,000 Rp
Long Boat 25,000 Rp
Aqua Shuttle Boat (maximum 6 people) 225,000 Rp
Water Balls (3 minutes) 20,000 Rp
Gokar (1 card) 25,000 Rp
Gokar (2 books) 40,000 Rp
Archery area 5,000 Rp

One of the Lamongan WBL races (source: maharanizoo.com)
One of the Lamongan WBL races (source: maharanizoo.com)

Free rides at WBL

  • Samba Jet
  • Rotating coaster
  • Ghost Hospital
  • Wali Songo Pavilion
  • Kano
  • Waterboom
  • Swimming pool for adults and children
  • Playground with beach sand
  • Water play
  • Goa Insectarium
  • The Pirate’s Nest
  • Gallery of Ships and Shells
  • House for cats
  • Mini boat with bumper
  • Rodeo
  • 3D cinema
  • Papa Dangdut
  • Drop Zones
  • Crazy car
  • Doll’s Castle
  • Ranger
  • Speed ​​Flip
  • Log Flume

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Until 2022, the WBL race charge has not changed ticket prices. If you need further information, you can contact Wisata Bahari Lamongan on Jl. Raya Paciran (ex Tanjung Kodok), PO BOX WBL Lamongan, East Java. In addition, you can also send an email through the address [email protected]gmail.co.id or contact by phone number (0322) 666111 and mobile number 087776360111 (Indonesian and English service 24 hours). You can also follow the latest from WBL on their social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.

[Update: Dian]

[1]Kusumaningsih, Sadvi Wulandari Puji. 2013. A Descriptive Study of the Service Landscape of Tanjung Kodok Beach Resort Lamongan According to Tourist Perceptions. Calyptra: The University of Surabaya Student Scientific Journal, vol 2(1): 1-21.

[2]Wijayanto, Ismuhadi Heru, Agus Suryono, Sukanto. 2013. Development of Tourism Potential in the Perspective of Reinventing Government (Study at the Department of Culture and Tourism of Lamongan Regency). Journal of Public Administration Universitas Brawijaya, Vol. 1(6):1168-1173.