Understanding, types of new poetry and examples to know
Understanding, types of new poetry and examples to know

Understanding, types of new poetry and examples to know

Poetry is one of the literatures resulting from the expression of human thoughts and feelings in which it uses language related to rhythm, the mantra of rhyme. In addition, the arrangement in it is also full of meaning. Regarding one of the most used poetry is new poetry. For those of you who don’t know, see the definition, new types of poetry and examples.

As we have seen, in Indonesia itself, poetry is divided into old poetry, new poetry and contemporary poetry. A type of poetry that is quite popular in Indonesia is this new poem. where this poem has a freer form starting from the number of lines, syllables, rhythms and rhymes included in it. What exactly is new poetry? For more details, check out the reviews below:

Definition of New Poetry

New poetry is a type of poetry where, as mentioned before. This poem also has a freer form than the old poem. The free form is related to the number of lines, words, syllables, rhymes contained in it.

In addition, another meaning of new poetry is a type of poetry in which there is no attachment to certain standard rules in making or reading it. This means that new poetry is a type of poetry that is full of freedom in it.

This new poetry can also be interpreted as a type of modern poetry because it is no longer bound by rules and made freely by its authors. This poem itself has been born since the existence of old poetry. The form is also freer than the old poem.

Meanwhile, the difference between new poetry and contemporary poetry is that contemporary poetry has a rather unique nature and tries to break out of the conventional bonds of poetry itself. In addition, contemporary poetry will also try to highlight graphic or physical forms such as the sounds contained in the poem.

The characteristics of new poetry

Before you know it new types of poetry and examples, You also need to know what the characteristics of the new poem are like. It is very important to help distinguish this type of poetry from others. For more details, here are some new poetry features to know.

  1. Usually, the author’s name will be known to other people or the reader
  2. There is the use of language style or known as majas which is always changing so that the poem seems unique and has its own meaning.
  3. The writing form is orderly and symmetrical, consisting of stanzas.
  4. There is only regular use of patterns such as AAAA, ABAB, ABBA and others. However, some new poems also use a pattern that does not have a standard rule in it
  5. Each line will usually contain a style or syntactic unit
  6. Each ready can consist of 2 to 5 similar words
  7. There are several types of new poetry that are distinguished by type.
  8. The dominant pattern contained in it is a pattern of rhymes and poetry

New types of poetry and examples

Do you already know the meaning and features of the new poem? This type of poetry also has several types in it. Here’s what you need to know next. Next new types of poetry and examples what you need to know.

  1. Ballad

The first type of new poem is this ballad which contains moving folk tales or stories. Where it is sometimes sung or in the form of dialogue. . Ballads usually consist of more than 3 stanzas. Each stanza can consist of 8 lines with the rhythm of ababccb and then change to the rhythm of ab-ab-bccbc. as the example in the ballad is

Tempe Wrap Ballad created by WS, Stream below:

Fermentation of hope

Expect perfect

Complete and ridiculous form

Taste, Tempeh Karsa

Decent packaging

Full of stories written by pain

Thrown away without reading

Decent packaging

Full of second-rate written stories

Thrown away without reading

  1. Hymn

The next new type of poem is Hymme which is a poem containing praise for God, gods, country, heroes to alma mater in the world of literature. But now, hymns are poetry he can sing. Examples of hymns are:

I am small, but I cannot be considered small

I’m weak, but I can’t give up

As long as life is still attached in the body

And the sound of the heartbeat is still felt

I will keep running after the sun

Even if I’m poor, it doesn’t mean I don’t have it

With the spirit of four five

And a loud independent voice

to thirduto light the saka

For my beloved people.

  1. Oh yes

This ode comes from the Greek meaning song. This is because this new poetry will usually be sung by a chorus while engaging in ancient Greek dramas. The lyrics also contain the spirit of idols in a royal tone with a serious theme.

As for the characteristics of the ode, it has a graceful tone, the tone and rhythm are formal, it discusses great things and has a praiseworthy nature. An example of this Ode is Sanusi Pane’s Teratai.

  1. Satire

The next new type of poetry is this satire. satire itself is a poem that contains satire or criticism of a happening phenomenon. It will usually also use words that are full of irony, sarcasm to contain parody. The things that are mentioned are usually social and political phenomena of a government. An example of satire is W, S Rendra’s work entitled I’m asking.

  1. I chose

An elegy is a new poem that contains lamentation, sadness, or sorrow, especially for the event of death. Not only that, this elegy itself is a poem that can express feelings of loss. Examples of elegy are From the window which is the work of Agnes Sri Hartini.

  1. Epigram

The next new type of poem is the Epigram. Epigram itself comes from the Greek meaning guidance, advice, invitation or example to do good things. Meanwhile, according to KBBI, an epigram is a short poem containing an idea that ends with an interesting statement, usually in the form of satire.

It also contains a message for readers. An example of this epigram is MORNING by Chairil Anwar.

  1. Romance

It is a new poem containing the outpouring of love from a writer. Romance itself comes from the French language, namely romantique which means the beauty of feelings and affection. An example of romance that is quite popular is Love letter which is the work of WS Rendra.

The new poem becomes one of the poems that is full of freedom in it. Thus understanding new types of poetry and examples that you need to know. Even the existence of this new poem cannot be separated from the writers.