Ukrainian metallurgical business in Kryvyi Rih cannot operate at full capacity due to hostilities / Article
Ukrainian metallurgical business in Kryvyi Rih cannot operate at full capacity due to hostilities / Article

Ukrainian metallurgical business in Kryvyi Rih cannot operate at full capacity due to hostilities / Article

This metallurgical plant in Kryvyi Rih, the largest city in central Ukraine, not long ago turned 88 decades old. It was launched in 1934. It is the largest mining and metal production company in Ukraine and now belongs to the global metallurgical company “ArcelorMittal”.

A lot of employees with guns in their fingers defend Ukraine

The corporation, which produces much more than 6 million tonnes of steel per 12 months, is currently operating at just 20% of capacity. When the invasion began and the Russian army approached the city of Kriviyrich, among other points, the operation of all four distinct furnaces – furnaces – ceased. Only one resume function. The other three haven’t started over yet.

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The most important purpose of the delay – before the Russian invasion, the company exported 85% of its creation, mostly to the Middle East, North Africa and West Africa.

Almost all exports went to Black Sea ports, which are now blockaded by Russia. As a result, traditional markets are not available for a longer period of time.

It is likely that the export to the European sector by land, but the demand from customers has decreased there as well. And logistics fees have increased by five times, said Artem Filipjevs, deputy director of “ArcelorMittal Krivijriha”.

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“Without the opening of the Black Sea ports, full recovery of business activity will not be feasible.”

This metallurgical company is one of the largest companies in the state with over 22,000 workers.

But now, only half have worked, but those who are inactive continue to receive part of their salary, the company says.

Between them, some 2,000 personnel are likely to protect Ukraine with guns in their fingers. 15 died.

“For us, every village is the last bastion”

Serhiy Saltan, a senior electrical engineer, took time to help the Ukrainian defenders as a volunteer when the Russian invasion began. First of all, it was complicated for the corporation staff to see what happened in the metallurgical plant in Mariupol “Azovstal”, which was bombarded with mines by the Russian invaders for months.

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“In terms of the system, the analogy is immediate and very clear. Metallurgical installations, machines, metal buildings, shelters and bunkers. This is a priority focus on our enemies. So, Mariupol, the terror that took place there… Browse it is really like a shadow. it can usually be hidden guidance,” Saltan admitted.

Asked if he assumed at that time that the metallurgical plant could turn out to be the previous bastion of the defenders of the city in this article from Krivirich, if it was not feasible to repel the Russian army, Serhii immediately said: “For us, every village and metropolis is past bastion.”

Doing business in the Ukrainian market is also a financial commitment in the independence of Ukraine. The Krivijriha metallurgical company is one of the largest contributors in the country, and during the war it gave a massive amount of dollars to support refugees and hospitals.


On February 24, 2022, Russian President Putin procured Russian troops to invade Ukraine. Putin has claimed that NATO is moving to use Ukraine as a springboard for aggression against Russia, although there is no evidence for these promises. Ukraine believes that Putin’s real intention is to destroy the state of Ukraine and give the territory under Moscow’s control.

At the beginning of hostilities, Russia occupied the city of Kherson, but the defenders of Ukraine managed to repel the attack on the money, Kyiv. Russian troops committed key war crimes in the city of Kyiv region, killing civilians. Shortly after a prolonged resistance, the strategically important city of Mariupol also came under the control of Russian forces in May.

After retreating from Kyiv, Russian troops turned their attention to Japanese Ukraine, where they took control of the entire territory of the Lugansk location in July. however, in other places, the forces of the profession have not regulated themselves to make a major development. Ukraine is receiving more and more contemporary weapons from the West and counterattacks to retake the occupied territories.

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine brought a standard condemnation in the world group, new sanctions were introduced in opposition to Russia. Many Western companies have decided to leave the Russian industry.