UiTM FC has no ‘marker’ – Malaysian news – Malaysian newspapers from Kuala Lumpur
UiTM FC has no ‘marker’ – Malaysian news – Malaysian newspapers from Kuala Lumpur

UiTM FC has no ‘marker’ – Malaysian news – Malaysian newspapers from Kuala Lumpur

NUMBER OF MONEYI UiTM FC’s Ismail Ibrahim has admitted that the absence of ‘strikers’ in the team’s attacking outfit has kept his side from scoring more goals in their Premier League action against Kuching City FC at the Negeri Stadium, Kuching on Saturday.

According to him, the absence was however managed to be overcome by a solid performance displayed by the UiTM FC eleven throughout the match despite losing 1-2 to the hosts.

“I congratulate the UiTM FC players for playing hard, ‘good fighting spirit’ and putting pressure on Kuching City FC and not giving their opponent an easy win.

“Despite our shortcomings, there are no players who can score goals like us, including imported players.

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“That’s why we use what we have so that the players really want to play.. there is a goal and we got here not to be happy, at least we managed to give something intense,” he said.

In the match, Kuching City scored a goal through main striker Abu Kamara in the 49th minute (min-74) before UiTM FC substitute Amir Adha Latif reduced the gap with a goal in the 78th minute.

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The defeat caused UiTM FC to remain in seventh position, with 14 points, after four wins, two draws and 10 defeats from 16 matches so far.

Meanwhile, Kuching City FC consolidated their position in fourth position with 27 points from eight wins, three draws and four losses from 15 matches.

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Meanwhile, Kuching City FC manager Irfan Bakti Abu Salim admitted that the UiTM FC team is not a team they have met before.

He said the UiTM FC team also displayed different actions in each half, pushing towards the home goal more often to score goals.

“Tonight we wish UiTM FC, who are not like before, to want to steal points to qualify for the Malaysia Cup,” he said.