Twinkling Apk Safe Money Making App or Scam?
Twinkling Apk Safe Money Making App or Scam?

Twinkling Apk Safe Money Making App or Scam?

Shiny APK to make money – Currently there is a new money making app which is very easy to use and that is Twinkling app. For those of you who want to use this app, you will get Rp 20,000. when you first register in this earning app.

By getting money on your first registration, you can use it to play capital in the app. This app has similarities with other money making apps from where you can get high profits from the app.

Of course, for those who are curious how to get money on this app, you can check the review below to learn about Twinkling app details. Perhaps by reading the reviews below, you may be interested in using it.

How to register and download the Twinkling app

For those of you who want to use the Twinkling app, you must first register on the app. To register, you can access the following link:

Here are the steps to register Twinkling app

  1. First, you can open the link provided above.
  2. After that, you can register in the application by entering your phone number, password and invitation code. However, if the invitation code cannot be filled automatically, then you can fill it with CEG8XB
  3. If you have completed your account registration in the app, then you will be directed to download the Twinkling apk app.

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This is how you register on the Twinkling app. This app is also available on Google Playstore and App Store and you can download it for free. You can download this application to be able to make money easily and of course very practical to use.

How To Use Twinkling Apk App

How To Use Twinkling Money Making Apk

Using this app you can earn money just by breaking an egg. To use it, all you have to do is press the destroy button to break the egg. After you manage to crack the egg, you can wait a bit for your commission to enter the Twinkling app.

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In this app you can also choose a hammer that you can use to destroy the egg. Each available hammer has a different price, the higher the price of the hammer, the higher the commission you will receive.

When you first register, you will get Rp 20,000. cash. You can use the money to buy a hammer as capital to break eggs. So you can play for free with the initial capital that was provided by this app.

And for those of you who want to upgrade the game, of course you have to upload to this app first to buy an even more expensive hammer. For users who want to earn more money, you can also do other daily tasks like watching re-uploaded videos, inviting friends, joining circles and more.

Is Twinkling safe?

Just like other money making apps where glitter app is also at risk of committing fraud to its users. This is because all these apps have the same way of working as other money making apps. With the rise of money making apps that cheat users, this app may be cheating.

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In this app, there is no guarantee that Twinkling apk is safe to use, so we don’t recommend you to use this app. But if you are curious and want to try it, then you can try it for free and reload at minimum number to avoid big losses.

We always educate internet users to always be wise and careful in using money making apps. That’s because it’s not easy to believe in new apps that claim to make money with the lure of prizes on offer.

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The last word

Thus, a Twinkling apk review that you can try through your Android smartphone device. We hope the above reviews can be informative and useful for you too, and we remind you not to use this app to avoid fraud.