Tower Of Fantasy: The best weapons in TOF
Tower Of Fantasy: The best weapons in TOF

Tower Of Fantasy: The best weapons in TOF

Tower of Fantasy, a.good.a. TOF, is a sci-fi themed MMORPG from Hotta Studio. Here, you can probably enjoy this anime-based sport in an expanded world while completing the story or simply adventuring. To defeat your Enemies, you will want good weapons. TOF has a large selection of weapons and gives the player the freedom to use them however they want. In this data, I will introduce you The best weapons are essential to enter the Tower of Fantasy.

The best weapons in Tower of Fantasy

the best gun turret of fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy, you get weapons by pulling them from the Gacha system. Each weapon you get falls under a certain criteria. These requirements are:

  • Resonance
  • Primary DPS
  • Shield Break
  • Support

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Resonance weapons improve Damage production and in reducing damage received of a certain The element type. since the global release, Nemesis is the one that falls under this class with Volt Resonance. Primary DPS you arms that deal tons of damage. Shield breaking weapons are used at break Enemies’ Shields. Support weapons are used for heal with the Allies.

Although in the current META, it doesn’t matter an extreme amount how many times you’ve acquired the better weapon or not. Making constructive that you simply have a A good list is important. So I would recommend having one Primary DPS, a Sheild Break, and a weapon rack in your list could be the best set of weapons. But there is one weapon set that I will recommend that is the best weapon combo in Tower of Fantasy. This being:

  • Resonance: Venus of Nemesis
  • Main DPS: Crow’s Thunderblades
  • Shield Break: scythe of the raven king

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Venus is a Support weapon and as well as buffs Damage and hurts Volt Damage negation if there are any Volt weapons left in your list. As such, Crow’s Thunderblades and Nemesis’s Venus they are a great couple. scythe of the raven king It is The best Sheild Break weapon in the interim. Upgrading these weapons should be your priority for those looking to build up to be an all-damage character.

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All of these were related to the best weapons in Tower of Fantasy. We hope this data has helped you. You can even check out our completely different guides like The best settings to increase FPS and performance in the Tower of Fantasy.