Tower of Fantasy: Easy Ways to Farm Portunizi
Tower of Fantasy: Easy Ways to Farm Portunizi

Tower of Fantasy: Easy Ways to Farm Portunizi

This is the easiest way to find a location for you Farm Portunizis in the Tower of Fantasy game

Cooking is an integral part of many RPG titles and Tower of Fantasy no exception. The game contains several ingredients that travelers can use to cook various dishes and gain additional stats. One such ingredient is portunide which is used to cook specific named dishes Steamed crab. Since ingredients can be found in certain locations, they can be difficult to find. That said, we’ll show you the exact location where you can find portunids in Tower of Fantasy in case you’re having trouble accessing the cultivation of portunids.

Tower of Fantasy: An easy way to get to Farm Portunids

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Portunids are generally found in the southern region of the map scare, nearby places like Fiendish Marsh, Seaforth Pier, Transport Hub and more. Additionally, it also appears on Rusty Belt Island near the field and Barrenstown. According to the Tower of Fantasy interactive map, portunids appear in 40 different locations. I have also marked the exact location of the material in the image above.

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We highly recommend farming portunids near the beach in the southern area of ​​the map scare for the traveler could obtain it in great quantity without traveling great distances. However, it should be noted that some areas are unlocked after obtaining certain achievements in the game.

How to collect Portunizi in Tower of Fantasy game

Portunids look similar to crabs commonly found on the beach. After you find him, stand next to him and destroy him with any weapon. Eventually the creature will die and be added to the bag. I can also give deteriorate on your character; so he doesn’t sit still next to them.

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Like other materials, Portunids respawn in the same location after the daily reset occurs. So make sure you check the same area to collect more materials. Once you have it in your bag, you can use the ingredients for cooking Steamed crabwhich gives 10 fullness. Wanderers can finally use it to instantly restore their character’s health by 15%.

That’s all you need to know about portunid farming in Tower of Fantasy.