Tow truck driver pulls Harris Co.  8th deputy from a fiery crash on the East Beltway
Tow truck driver pulls Harris Co. 8th deputy from a fiery crash on the East Beltway

Tow truck driver pulls Harris Co. 8th deputy from a fiery crash on the East Beltway

PASADENA, Texas (KTRK) — A Harris County 8th Precinct Sheriff’s Deputy is out of the hospital and back home after a fatal fire accident.

Police said a tow truck driver was in the right place at the right time to save the deputy.

Deputy 8’s patrol unit was stopped on the side of the northbound lanes of the East Beltway near San Augustine when a parts truck crashed into the side of it again around 2 a.m., according to the Police Division from Pasadena.

The crash sent the patrol car crashing into a wall and bursting into flames.

Video from the scene reveals every wrecked car. The patrol unit was completely destroyed after catching fire.

Deputy Okay. LeMelle was released from the hospital around 7 a.m., officials said.

He had to have 10 staples placed on the top of his head for a minimum reduction and three stitches in his chin.

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She is with her household resting because of the tow truck driver who saved her life, pt 8 officers stated.

“I wasn’t going to just take her out there and let her die,” tow truck driver Richard Borgstrom advised ABC13.

Matters might have ended much differently for LeMelle. Borgstrom happened to be driving on the beltway when he said he heard a boom, then an explosion.

“Once I was driving down the Beltway, I had the windows down and I could hear the affect growing. Just as quickly because it grew, you noticed the hearth and the flames,” Borgstrom said.

Three people were held in the work truck that hit the deputy. Two were taken to hospital, police said. All involved had non-life-threatening accidents.

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LeMelle was trapped in her car.

“I hit the window, then quickly, I see a hand coming out of the smoke where they had the airbag, the facet airbag. Her hand came out from around her and I could see her fingernails alive,” Borgstrom said. “I punched the glass, couldn’t break it, ran back to my tow truck, grabbed a tow hook, ran back to the market and broke the window with the tow hook.”

After breaking the window, Borgstrom said he was able to drag the deputy by her vest to security. Additionally, two individuals from the work truck helped her out.

“She was in a daze. He’s completely out of it. She was suffocating in the Tahoe,” he recalled.

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Police said it was a good thing the deputy was pulled out of the car when he was, because he also had ammunition inside the car that started exploding.

When officers arrived at the scene, they had to remove the cover from the bullets flying out of the car.

pt 8 officers stated that LeMelle has been in the division for 3 years. She is with the toll highway division and works the night shift.

Agent Phil Sandlin gives Borgstrom a big thank you for going to such lengths to save his deputy. He stated that they have a great relationship with the wrecker drivers and actually acknowledge their assistance.

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