Toronto Blue Jays fans arrested for having sex at Upper Deck Stadium, watch viral video
Toronto Blue Jays fans arrested for having sex at Upper Deck Stadium, watch viral video

Toronto Blue Jays fans arrested for having sex at Upper Deck Stadium, watch viral video

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Toronto Blue Jays fans escorted doing private things openly at Upper Deck Stadium, viral video

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Toronto Blue Jays fans are in awe of romance in this viral video from Upper Deck Stadium. Contains content that requires viewers to connect a tablet.

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Toronto Blue Jays fans were shocked, excited in video from inside the stadium on social media

A video of the Blue Jays couple shocked internet users after two fans made a romantic gesture during the Toronto Blue Jays game at the Rogers Center on Monday night.

Toronto won its 69th of the season by defeating the Chicago Cubs 5-4 in the Round of 16. The win extended the Blue Jays’ lead over the Baltimore Orioles to two games for the last Joker spot in Major League Baseball.

The same incident happened last week during an unscheduled athletics match when the two were playing in the back row of the upper deck.

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