Tori Roloff says son Josiah “is so happy” in Milestone Post
Tori Roloff says son Josiah “is so happy” in Milestone Post

Tori Roloff says son Josiah “is so happy” in Milestone Post

Tori Roloff is a proud mom and she’s not shy about letting you know.

Small people, big worldThe star, who has never shied away from sharing updates on her children’s lives, did it again when she used two images to celebrate her third child, Josiah Luke’s four-month milestone. She shares Josiah and two other children – five-year-old Jackson Kyle and two-year-old Lilah Ray – with her husband Zach Roloff.

Little Josiah Luke is four months old, and his excited mom wants you to know

Tori Roloff's post on her Instagram page
Instagram | Tori Roloff

In the first picture uploaded by Tori on Instagramthe little one binds himself with a gray-striped pixie as he lies beside a moon counter – with four leaves surrounding the fourth moon. Josiah put his tiny fingers in his mouth and his feet in the air for this shot. In the next slide, the infant’s hands remained in his mouth as he stood next to a “4 months” sign.

The mother-of-three began the post’s caption, revealing that she almost “missed this photo too” because she had about two minutes and six images to “choose from before Si decides it’s bedtime.” Luckily, she didn’t miss the monthly photo deposit. The ‘LPBW’ star added: ‘Josiah is 96th percentile for weight! Don’t miss a meal!”

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The little one spent time rolling around and was “SO happy (until he’s 4)” and smiled the whole time – especially for his older siblings. In addition, Josias liked to be talked to and put his hands in his mouth. Tori finished the caption declaring her love for her baby boy along with two hashtags – “#josiahlukeroloff” and “#zandtpartyoffive”.

She added that she loved to eat and had yet to skip a meal. The reality star also said the four-month-old is ‘starting to appreciate bath time’ and ‘has longer alert moments’, adding that he ‘loves watching his family! Roloff ended the caption expressing the family’s love for baby Josiah with the hashtags “Josiahlukeroloff” and “zandtpartyoffive.”

The celebratory post received over 10,000 likes and an outpouring of compliments and well wishes in the comments section. After declaring that Josiah was “very cute”, one person said they couldn’t believe he was already four months old. Another added that the little boy was “precious” and a third noted that he looked just like his mother. Several other fans echoed these thoughts, and even Tori’s mother-in-law Amy took to the comments to write: “4 months already? Time flies.”

explosion previously mentioned that Tori got a similar response when she posted photos of Josiah when he was three months old on Instagram. While the first slide looked like Josiah winking with a big smile, the second showed the baby with his tiny hand in a fist and his eyes wide open.

The last slide was a close-up of his handsome face and black outfit. Tori’s caption reflected her love and admiration for her son, as she gushed about how she “enjoys every milestone so much more” with him. The 31-year-old attributed her enjoyment of Josiah’s upbringing to the fact that he has completed her family. She also admitted that her clan – including Zach, Liliah and Jackson – were “so spoiled by his love”.

The former teacher lets fans in on her bad day

In an article published by The Blast earlier this month, Tori broke down after having a tougher than usual day. The photographer spoke about her ordeal in two posts she published on her Instagram Story. The mother of three wrote in her first story: “Ugh. Today was a bit of a rough day for me. I hate when the day starts out great (I went to the gym and had coffee by myself), but I felt overstimulated all day.”

She felt overstimulated by the overwhelming amount of official work and household chores she had to do. Having to do all of this made Tori feel like she didn’t spend as much time as she wanted with Zach. So she told her 1.8 million followers that the day ended with Jackson “making a red choice” which was “honestly a rare opportunity for him” and having to miss out on fun things with dad “.

She concluded her updates by stating, “It’s all little things, but they add up. All of us moms are overstimulated and excited.” Tori also hoped her honesty would let other women “know you’re not alone.”