Top 5 WhatsApp Tracker in 2022 – Apk Project
Top 5 WhatsApp Tracker in 2022 – Apk Project

Top 5 WhatsApp Tracker in 2022 – Apk Project

Top 5 WhatsApp trackers in 2022

So at present almost every servant in the world has a mobile phone and the servant who has a mobile phone cannot have this whatsapp if this servant does not have whatsapp then almost every servant has whatsapp. I will tell you WhatsApp settings which you will be shocked to know. Today I am going to tell you that you will check anyone’s WhatsApp details. Today in this article you can read five such WhatsApp from anyone. It has become quite easy for anyone to run WhatsApp on mobile, but in today’s article I will tell you which app to use.

Top 5 WhatsApp trackers in 2022

Number 1

Tracker WhatsApp chat chart

Our first number of this chat app which is able to view anyone’s WhatsApp. You will be able to check how to view anyone’s WhatsApp on mobile. It’s great, then I’ll tell you that the app must be used. This app is also much easier to use. Just download and use it. Get out of detail. Enter the number and get all its details.

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Number 2

WhatsApp tracker chat status

There is also a great app here. It is an awesome app and also much easier to use. You can quickly download the app. You can extract the details of any WhatsApp. Also learn to use.

This one is pretty good compared to the other one and you can use it even easier. This app is used by many people to get details of anyone’s whatsapp and you must use it like I am using it.

Issue #3

WhatsApp Tracker chat analyzer

Today, the third issue of our list of articles is yours. And here it’s pretty awesome and you can use them all very easily. It is very good to use it and extract any WhatsApp details. Many people use it. And there are people who say it’s wonderful. They like it very much. Let me tell you again, how can you not misuse it because it can hurt you so much if you misuse it?

Issue #4

What, I am WhatsApp tracker

This is app number four on our list. We can use it very easily. If you don’t misuse it, this app is the best. You want to extract application details. Extract its WhatsApp update oil only when you need it most and don’t misuse it.

Issue #5

Click to chat via WhatsApp tracker chat

This is the last app in our article list. With this app you can get the details of any WhatsApp. You can easily get all WhatsApp details of any server with just one click. This app can be used by a lot of people. Currently, 3 billion people are using this app worldwide. If you also want to use this app, download it quickly so you can use it too. Use it, download it quickly, use it so you can extract anyone’s WhatsApp details, but you don’t have misused, then this will be of great use to you.

How to download this app

If you want to download and use this app then there is a very simple way to download it. I will tell you how to download this app. A small download button will appear. Clicking on it will start downloading the app.


Today we have told you about five apps through which you can extract someone’s WhatsApp details. You must not misuse it. I also told you how to download. Also, don’t misuse it and you will extract someone’s WhatsApp details.