Tokopedia is stepping up the people market digitization program, that’s the advantage
Tokopedia is stepping up the people market digitization program, that’s the advantage

Tokopedia is stepping up the people market digitization program, that’s the advantage – Tokopedia is once again showing its support for local SMEs, this time by digitizing the people market. This Hyperlocal spin-off program aims to bring sellers closer to local buyers so they have the same opportunity to grow.

Tokopedia co-founder and vice president Leonntinus Alpha Edison said the popular market digitization program is expected to provide a stage for people market activists from various regions in Indonesia to contribute to the digital economy.

“In practice, we will help open people’s marketplace accounts to boost online business on the Tokopedia platform,” Leonntinus said.


As it is known, the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia aims to digitize more markets for people and SMEs by 2024. Digitization of People’s Markets by Tokopedia is a form of support of the company in accelerating this goal.

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“We hope that the digitization of the market of people and SMEs can accelerate Indonesia’s advanced and inclusive economic growth. With the support of digital platforms like Tokopedia, this effort will go a long way in accelerating the achievement of digital transformation goals, especially in the trade sector,” said Indonesian Trade Minister Zulkifli Hasan during his recent visit to one of the popular markets. , Pasar Baru Cicalengka.

Pasar Baru Cicalengka itself, through Tokopedia, is said to have been able to support hundreds of local traders to stay connected to the community during the pandemic.

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In addition to the central government, Tokopedia also synergizes with local governments to collaborate with new sellers, both individuals and marketplaces for people in different regions of Indonesia, including West Java.

“Collaborating with digital platforms like Tokopedia to accelerate the digitization of the people’s market is expected to help merchants increase their online sales while contributing to West Java’s economy,” added West Java Deputy Governor , Uu Ruzhanul Ulum. .

To date, there are 10 people’s markets that have joined Tokopedia, including Pasar Baru Cicalengka and Cihapit Market in Bandung, Cikurubuk Market in Tasikmalaya, Anyar Market in Tangerang, Oro Oro Dowo People’s Market in Malang, Beringharjo Market and Gentan Market in Yogyakarta, Sewakamart Badung Market in Bali, as well as Baruga Pasar Pa’baeng-baeng Timur and Baruga Pasar Kampung Baru in Makassar.

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In addition, the public can also take advantage of Tokopedia’s Free Shipping service so that they can more easily and efficiently receive various daily necessities such as basic essentials and cooking oil for other household needs.

“We will continue to collaborate with strategic partners, including the central and local governments, to provide safe and reliable solutions to help people meet their daily needs while driving the growth of Indonesia’s digital economy.” Leontinus concluded. [IF/HBS]