TikTok to ban campaign fundraising, requires “mandatory verification” of US political accounts
TikTok to ban campaign fundraising, requires “mandatory verification” of US political accounts

TikTok to ban campaign fundraising, requires “mandatory verification” of US political accounts

Before the 2022 midterm elections. TikTok It was announced Wednesday that she has banned campaign fundraising from her program. It also announced new policies for political accounts, including “mandatory verification.”

In the coming weeks, the app, which already bans political ads, will also ban campaign fundraising, Blake Chandlee, president of TikTok’s global business solutions, said in a blog post. The ban will include videos asking for donations, and videos from political parties directing people to donation pages on their websites.

The China-based video sharing app will also begin testing “mandatory verification” of governments, politicians and political party accounts to try to “keep misinformation off the stage.”

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The verification will ensure that anyone viewing the content of a government, politician, or political party account will know that the account is “authentic” and that the source is “correct,” Chandlee wrote.

“While many political accounts have added the verified icon to their profiles in the past, doing so is now optional,” Chandlee wrote. “Starting today in the United States, we will test mandatory verification of the accounts of governments, politicians, and political parties through the midterm elections.”

The app will also make political accounts ineligible for the “Creator Fund,” and block access to donations, accounts and e-commerce, the blog post said. A creator fund is a money fund that users can earn by posting content on the site.

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“These changes, along with our current ban on political ads, mean that accounts owned by governments, politicians, and political parties will generally not be able to spend or receive money through TikTok’s fundraising features. , or spend money promoting the content,” Chandlee wrote. .

The announcement comes a month after researchers found that TikTok accounts were used to spread misinformation ahead of elections in Europe, Asia and South America.

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Chandlee wrote that these new policies are an effort to make TikTok “a positive environment that brings people together, not divides them.”

“TikTok is first and foremost an entertainment platform, and we’re proud to be a place that brings people together for creativity and entertainment,” he wrote. “By banning campaign fundraising and limiting access to fundraising features and account verification, we aim to strike a balance between enabling people to talk about the issues that matter to them while protecting the creative, fun entertainment that our community craves.”

Source : www.cbsnews.com