TikTok star ‘Gena Tew’ opens up about AIDS diagnosis
TikTok star ‘Gena Tew’ opens up about AIDS diagnosis

TikTok star ‘Gena Tew’ opens up about AIDS diagnosis

Social media influencer Gena Tew used her TikTok platform to share her journey and discuss her AIDS prognosis with followers.

She first admitted to having AIDS in a March 2022 TikTok video. Tew claimed that she had “been through hell” and was still in “hell”.

Who is Gene Tew?

A social media sensation named Gena Tew has just under 20,000 Instagram followers and more than 401k TikTok followers. She posted videos on social media to fill her followers in on her journey and debate her AIDS prognosis.

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Although Lew’s Web page is not supposed to be instructional or a documentary, she “appreciates people being aware of AIDS,” she added. Gene Tew is listed as being 27 years old on Famous Birthdays.

Gene Tew declines his AIDS prognosis

Tew answered followers’ questions about her AIDS prognosis and was clear about how she contracted it.

I don’t know who gave it to me or where I got it; All I know is that they informed me that I had to have it for eight to 10 years because I was so sick to the point of death. At the time I was homeless and living in New York.

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Tew claimed that when she lived in New York, she was raped and that she got tattoos for free, so it “could have been from a dirty needle”.

Gena Stew confesses to lack of mobility

Tew’s mobility has been impaired, and she or he has been giving her online followers a few updates regarding her wheelchair, along with a video she posted in May, in which she let them know that, however, she he can walk.

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Tew uploaded a video in June of when she initially discovered she had AIDS while hospitalized. She mentioned that she was unable to speak clearly because she was “so weak”.

Her followers knew she was “still thin” but “trying every day” at the end of June. In July, Tew informed his followers that he can now propel himself in a wheelchair.