Tijuana wakes up as a ghost town after Friday’s gang violence took over the city
Tijuana wakes up as a ghost town after Friday’s gang violence took over the city

Tijuana wakes up as a ghost town after Friday’s gang violence took over the city

TThe iguana conquers fear and chaos in time Friday in the evening like Liga MX game between Xolos and Puebla It happens. A total of 11 different locations around the city were attacked by Jalisco poster. They are the same people who asked the Mexican government to release many of the killers who were captured.

Throughout the week, there have been attacks Ciudad Juarez, Guadalajara, Guanajuato And now in four cities in Baja California. Tijuana She reported burning 11 cars all day Friday, Ensenada I mentioned four and Mexico One. But what happened in Tijuana made the news on the international stage.

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Tijuana wakes up as a ghost town

Fears of a shutdown that has not been implemented The city of Juarez Last Friday they were taken to Tijuana after all those cars burned in front of the whole city. Chaos ensued as most businesses and public transportation canceled services or closed their doors to the public.

This tactic made people more willing to suffer similar fates to what happened to them Juárez no one in it Tijuana They wanted to leave their homes on Saturday. In the city, images of a ghost town have circulated on social media, but there are good reasons to be afraid of gangs. What did they do in it? The city of Juarez Last week was really heartless.

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The city of Juarez The place where the violence hit was worst of all, which is why every other city in Mexico feared a similar fate. Up to 11 civilians were killed indiscriminately in several attacks in the city. A local radio station suffered from a taxi that killed four radio presenters on the spot. A Little Caesars A pizzeria was hit by bullets, injuring three people and killing one. If you’re an American living near the border, visit Tijuana Not a great idea at this point.

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Even a gas station was bombed Jalisco poster. This is why Tijuana feared a similar fate and why no civilians were spotted in the city. Public transport and most local businesses remained closed throughout the day.


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