This Poultry Farming Business Opportunity You Should Try
This Poultry Farming Business Opportunity You Should Try

This Poultry Farming Business Opportunity You Should Try

This Poultry Farming Business Opportunity You Should Try – Poultry is a group of animals that belongs to the bird family and is usually part of the order Galliformes (e.g. chickens and turkeys) and the order Anseriformes (e.g. ducks). Poultry have very distinctive physical characteristics, namely in the form of feathers, especially in adult birds. In addition, birds usually have wings and beaks that are very diverse in shape, which adapt to what the birds eat.

Although they generally have wings, not all birds can fly, for example chickens and ducks. In addition, birds have other characteristics that reproduce by laying eggs. Poultry itself is one of the most common types of animals to be used as pets, usually the meat and eggs of these types of birds are taken to be used as human food, there are also some birds that are taken for feathers , in the following we will review some of the opportunities for raising poultry.

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Profitable Poultry Farming Business Opportunities

  1. Broiler farming business

One of the first poultry business that you can choose is broiler farming which is one of the breeds with the shortest growth rate which is only 5 to 7 weeks then you are ready to harvest broiler are grown for the purpose of taking meat, the demand that is high in chicken meat makes this business prospect bright in the future.

  1. Cultivation of Super Village Chickens

The next opportunity for raising poultry is raising super free range chickens, this type of super free range chicken is different from ordinary free range chickens, where the growth rate of this super free range chicken is faster than the usual one. chickens, so that the harvest period is faster, in addition to the resistance level of the body. from super free range chicken is also better than regular free range chicken.

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  1. Cultivation of the Bekisar chicken

The third poultry farming business that you can choose is bekisar chicken farming, which is the result of a cross between native chickens and bekisar chickens, but this farming business is not like broilers and super free range chickens because the bekisar chicken is a type of ornamental chicken. because this chicken has a very beautiful coat with an interesting color combination.

  1. Cultivation of Serama Chickens

The next poultry farming business that you can choose is the Serama chicken farming business, where this type of Serama chicken is one of the most popular types of ornamental chicken in Indonesia, the distinguishing mark of this Serma chicken is that it has a small shape of the body and likes to swing like a model so many people who are interested in raising this serama chicken.

  1. Duck Farming

The fifth farming business you can choose is the duck farming business where eggs and meat will be harvested, the demand for duck eggs is usually used as raw material for making martabak, salted eggs or other processed duck eggs. you can take meat. , especially recently processed duck meat is also quite popular.

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This is the review we can give about some profitable poultry business opportunities and bright future prospects, so it’s really worth a try.

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