” This must have been Aleesya bul1’s mother to sing, haha ​​.. ” – Netizen
” This must have been Aleesya bul1’s mother to sing, haha ​​.. ” – Netizen

” This must have been Aleesya bul1’s mother to sing, haha ​​.. ” – Netizen

Video Erra Fazira with her daughter Engku Aleesya singing and wishing her a happy Independence Day. Oh, how lovely Aleesya’s singing voice is. M4lu’s blushing face is so cute!!

Today, August 31, is the 65th Independence Day celebration in the country. Greeted with a lively independence march in the capital, celebrities also recorded their independence speeches on their social media accounts.

Looking at Erra Fazira’s Instagram account, a video and photo has been shared showing Erra with her daughter, Engku Aleesya. At the start of the video, fans are treated to the song Tanggal 31 by Aleesya.

Even though Aleesya only sang a little bit, fans got to hear the voice of Erra’s favorite child. Erra then continued the song with his independence speech for all the fans.

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Aleesya’s behavior which was restrained by her mother amused the fans. Erra really enjoys teasing Aleesya until Aleesya is taken aback when Erra asks if Aleesya loves the country or not.

Let’s watch the video below:

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This share by Erra has already received the attention of more than 14 thousand fans likes recorded so far. Among the fan comments:

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“The beautiful lady was sending greetings from Indonesia. Hi Aleesya, she is cute and beautiful just like her mother.. “

” Kak Erra has to settle for convincing Aleesya to sing haha. You are so cute Aleesya… beautiful and sweet…”

“It’s really nice to see Aleesya smiling like that. C0py stick this mommy..”

“Aleesya’s smile melts as she looks at him. I like Errei’s son, he is polite and helpful.. I hope he will always be like this bro.. “

” Aleesya sings a little hehe, this face m4lu-m4lu must be mum bul1 Aleesya told her to sing. Aleesya’s cute smile…

“Wow, Aleesya’s voice is great, Aleesya’s beautiful smile. oooo cute she’s mother bul1 sings.. “

“Happy Independence Day my dear sister. Aleesya must have paks4 with mom singing.. “

The spirit of independence in everyone’s soul is hoped to continue forever, this is Erra’s hope for everyone. Anyway, may we all be freed from oppression in soul and mind and live in a peaceful atmosphere always.

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Source: IG Erra Fazira

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