These two features of Vivo X80 make the mobile phone not hot when playing heavy games
These two features of Vivo X80 make the mobile phone not hot when playing heavy games

These two features of Vivo X80 make the mobile phone not hot when playing heavy games, Jakarta – To provide maximum support to users during the game game, vivo X80 comes with innovative features Ultra Large Liquid Cooling Vapor Chamber and Game Frame Interpolation technology. What are the advantages?

In short, the Ultra Large Liquid Cooling Vapor Chamber feature is introduced to overcome the temperature issue on mobile phones that is often experienced by users, especially gamers.

Meanwhile, the Game Frame Interpolation technology featured on the Vivo X80 can minimize the lag and provide a maximum mobile gaming experience.

This capability can be presented thanks to the Dual-Flagship Chip support on the Vivo X80 track with a dual configuration of the two flagship chipsets Vivo V1 + Chip and MediaTek Dimensity 9000.

The Dimensity 9000 chipset itself has an AnTuTu score of 1,017,488, which indicates that the Vivo X80 has a very good and outstanding performance.

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Liquid cooling vapor chamber

Although the vivo X80 series is already known as the flagship photography smartphone, Vivo is still considering various updates in terms of performance so that consumers can still enjoy the flagship performance of this smartphone.

By incorporating Liquid Cooling Vapor Chamber and Game Frame Interpolation technology, users can maximize the Vivo X80 mobile phone to create cinematic works and also work or play heavy games smoothly.

One of the hurdles that users often face when using smartphones is that the device heats up quickly because it is used for heavy activities like playing mobile games or recording long videos.

To provide a solution to this problem, Vivo introduces the Ultra Large Liquid Cooling Vapor Chamber, which will work to evenly distribute the heat on the back panel of the phone and drain it to the heat dissipation area.

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This method can reduce the heat temperature in the main area of ​​the smartphone. In this way, users can use their smartphone safely and comfortably without worrying about overheating.

On the vivo X80, an ultra large liquid cooling vapor chamber area of ​​4285 mm2 is incorporated. This shows that the cooling system on the Vivo X80 will work more optimally, efficiently and on time in dissipating the heat from the smartphone.

With this increase, Vivo X80 is equipped with the best cooling system that can support users to perform high-performance activities such as gaming or recording long duration videos.

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latest gaming features of vivo X80 series

Game frame interpolation

The vivo X80 also brings a breakthrough in the form of up to 120Hz gaming frame interpolation, which will work to minimize lag when the game is played.

This feature will maintain visual graphics when playing games at 90 fps, so users no longer have to worry when playing heavy mobile games.

This feature will work even more optimally with the MediaTek HyperEngine 5.0 gaming support, which ensures more durable and smoother gameplay without experiencing lags or interruptions during gameplay.

This peak performance becomes more and more powerful with the support of the kitchen track resulting from the combination of Dual-Flagship Chip, namely MediaTek Dimensity 9000 and Vivo V1+ Chip.