The world’s first 600 thousand 3D printer
The world’s first 600 thousand 3D printer

The world’s first 600 thousand 3D printer

The price of 3D printers is known to be expensive, but not with 101 Hero, which is the first three-dimensional printer at a price of 49 USD or the equivalent of Rp. Only 600 thousand.

This is the cheapest and most affordable 3D printer ever. The 101 Hero is well suited for use by both beginners and 3D printing experts.

How to use this 3D printer is also very easy, we just need to connect a 3D printer, download the template file, press this button, and that 3D printer will print an object according to what we want.

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Even though the 101 Hero 3D printer has a very cheap price, the capabilities of this 3D printer should not be doubted, here are some of the features and uses of the 101 Hero 3D printer:

  • Create 3D shapes and 3D models
  • Making toys, souvenirs and jewelry
  • Creation of decorative art objects
  • Printing DIY projects like smartphone cases etc
  • Make your own lego blocks
  • and many others and are not limited.
Some objects 3D printer results 101 Hero
Some objects 3D printer results 101 Hero

While the material, the Hero 101 3D Printer uses PLA, HIPS or ABS material with a size of 1.75 mm. Filaments with these specifications are very easy to find because the size of 1.75 mm is a widely used size in other 3D printers .

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101 Hero 3D Printer Specifications

101 Hero 3D Printer Specifications
101 Hero 3D Printer Specifications
  • Printer weight: 1.8 Kg
  • Dimensions: Print height: 100 mm, Basic print area: 150 mm
  • It can use various types of materials
  • Standard filament can also be used
  • Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Print bad can be removed
  • Resolution: 50-350 micron layer
  • Accuracy of x and y axes: 150 microns
The cheapest three-dimensional printer
The cheapest three-dimensional printer

Harga 101 Hero 3D printer

To have the basic version of the 101 Hero 3D printer, you need to spend $49, while the advanced version that allows us to make changes in the physical and software form of the 101 Hero printer, you need to pay $54.

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Because the 3D Printer 101 Hero is so cheap, stock for the $49 and $54 bundles has already been ordered by Kickstarter backers.

If you still want to have the cheapest 3D printer in the world, you should buy the reseller package for $74, $79, $99, $104, $153, $222, $365 and $699.

For more information on the price and what devices you get, you can visit the following page: 101 Hero Kickstarter Crowdfunding

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