The meaning of the word quiet, quitting the viral TikTok, is becoming a trending phenomenon in the world of work for young Americans
The meaning of the word quiet, quitting the viral TikTok, is becoming a trending phenomenon in the world of work for young Americans

The meaning of the word quiet, quitting the viral TikTok, is becoming a trending phenomenon in the world of work for young Americans

Meaning of the word quiet quit – Want to know the meaning and purpose of the word quiet quit, which is currently viral on Tiktok, Twitter and has become a trend for millennial and gen z workers, especially Americans, check out what quiet quit means in slang.

The meaning of the word quiet quit is now widely used on social media TikTok, so what does quiet quit actually mean? I’m sure most of my friends who visit this blog must be looking for the answer?

If it’s true, I think you should read this article to the end, because on this occasion I’m going to explain the meaning of quiet quitting, which is now a viral TikTok trend. So, for more details, please refer to the explanation we have provided below.

Many people do not know the meaning and true meaning of the phrase “quietly quit” in the millennial slang for viral workers of tiktok, instagram and twitter.

What is the meaning of the language of quiet quit, which is currently viral on Tiktok and among youth workers, see the meaning and significance of the word quiet quit, which made +62 netizens ask questions about the meaning. Read the meaning and usage.

Learn the meaning of the word quiet by quitting Viral Tiktok

As we all know, TikTok is one of the most popular social media apps among many people. This app is one of the many apps that have attracted a lot of public attention recently.

This is because this app is very popular and can be used by various users to have fun or make money.

TikTok itself is now starting to surface a lot of new trends with unique languages, slang, puns, abbreviations and foreign languages. An example is quiet quitting, which is a trend that is now very popular among many people or TikTok users and young American workers.

In addition, this trend of quiet giving up is often used by many users and uses it with a specific purpose and goal. For this trend, it is still very new and can only be used by some users, so many of them still don’t know what quiet quitting really is.

That’s why many users are now looking for answers about the trend of American workers, namely viral TikTok quietly quitting, because they are still confused and have no idea what this trend really means.

Lately we often see quiet quits on social media so it goes viral on TikTok and also on Twitter. So this makes netizens even more confused and wonder what the quiet quit means.

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The meaning of quiet surrender often appears on social media such as TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and so on. So many netizens are using the word quiet quit in their comments, tweets and status captions.

However, many people don’t know the real meaning of the language and the word quiet quitting, in slang among Tiktok users and Millennial Gen Z workers today. Check out’s explanation of the meaning of the word quiet surrender, which has gone viral so far.

Quiet trend dropping viral language of young workers TikTok What does it mean?

The foreign languages ​​of millennials are endless. One of the most recent is the use of the word quiet quitting, which is going viral on American TikTok and Twitter.

In fact, the quiet opt-out trend is quite often used on other social networks like Instagram, even when commenting, chatting on messaging apps like WhatsApp.

We often come across the word quiet surrender in captions, comments and even in message sentences. The word quiet surrender went viral on tiktok

The word quiet resignation these days is not too foreign to the ears of today’s youth, especially young working Americans. This is due to the fact that it is quite often used, one of them in everyday life on social networks.

The term quiet quitting has become a trending term and is often mentioned on social media. So now what does quiet quit mean in the language of youth workers, viral tiktok or quiet quit, what does it mean to be asked by many people.

The quiet quit trend was originally pioneered by a group of young working American millennials, specifically in the form of working as needed based on their schedule, salary and responsibilities.

The word quiet resignation is commonly used by today’s youth, especially working teenagers in America. With this request, it immediately went viral on the American country’s tiktok platform.

Through this article, introduces you to what the quiet quit trend means in youth work slang. and you’ll get answers to questions about the meaning of quiet surrender and slang terms.

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Viral language has given up on the American Millennial Gen Z worker

What is quiet quit in millennial language trend see here about the true meaning and significance of quiet quit. The term quiet surrender is in certain circles a term that I use quite often. see what it means to quit tiktok viral in a foreign language

Many people don’t understand what the trend of quiet resignation is for young American workers. It’s not standard Indonesian, but quiet quit is very often used.

Of course, for those who hear it for the first time, they will ask what quiet quit is or what quiet quit means in slang. Well, for those of you who don’t know what Pelor is, see here Pelor means very deep.

Social media has created many new terms and languages ​​called slang, such as quiet quitting. Recently, netizens have been confused by the trend of the word quiet quitting which is currently viral.

TikTok, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, become social networks that continue to display terms, abbreviations and various slang such as quiet quit.

We are now encountering foreign words or foreign languages, a game of abbreviations on social media TikTok, one of which is quiet quit, which we have never heard of before, appearing again from the TikTok app.

This is after the emergence of the trend of American workers, especially the millennial generation, which began to circulate some time ago.

The use of the meaning of the viral word quiet quitting as a vernacular, especially the TikTok app, is known to appear in several uploaded contents that appear on FYP, as well as in various uploaded comments.

Currently, for example, many netizens are looking for the meaning of the word quiet quit in the slang of young gen z and what does quiet quit mean. here is an explanation of quiet surrender. what does it mean in slang

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The following is the true meaning of the word quiet surrender in other languages ​​that are currently viral on the video app TikTok, complete with meanings and usage features.

The phenomenon of the quiet exit from the workplace of young Americans

As I explained above, quiet quitting has become a trend for young American workers who pursue jobs based on salary and hourly responsibilities.

The quiet quit trend aims to work only on minimal expectations, which has recently gone viral on social media, especially Tiktok apk and among young workers.

In other words, those who follow this pattern or rule of quiet resignation reject overtime and work that shouldn’t be their job. The phenomenon of quiet quitting means that they set limits on jobs to be paid according to the contract.

After all is accordingly done, they go home and become men with their families. This phenomenon was triggered by the pandemic that hit last year, which forced work at home, extending working hours.

Prioritizing personal life over career is also one of the things that causes people to quietly quit who want to achieve a work-life balance.

Linguistically, to quit quietly means to stop calmly. The origin of the word quiet resignation itself from the phenomenon of the American working world that has become a trend on social networks. one of them published the word “quiet resignation“Especially with the viral word quitting tiktok.

From everyday phenomena, “quiet resignation“As a millennial slang term that is often used by netizens to express the limitations of their rights when working according to their portion, this quiet opt-out trend is viral as it follows trends on certain social networks such as Tiktok , Instagram or other apps.

So that’s what the word quietly quitting Tiktok means in the current viral parlance of American millennial workers. Essentially, the word if translated means “the nature of human character, the phenomenon of today’s working world that goes viral on social media accounts.”

This is’s information about what the word quiet quit means in slang, its meaning and meaning, quiet quit, the phenomenon of the world of work for young Americans viral Tiktok, I hope it is useful