The idea of ​​making a cool FF guild name, unique, creepy and interesting
The idea of ​​making a cool FF guild name, unique, creepy and interesting

The idea of ​​making a cool FF guild name, unique, creepy and interesting

It is important to do Guild name FF keren? For those of you who are going to create a guild, make sure you listen to the following information in its entirety, yes.

In Free Fire game, you must already know what a guild is, right? Yes, a guild is an association of players.

Joining a guild will make you many new friends. You can also create your own guild.

Nama Guild FF Keren
Nama Guild FF Keren

Unfortunately, in order to create a guild, you have to sacrifice a certain amount of diamonds or gold.

The cost to create a FF guild is 1000 diamonds. If you don’t have a diamond, you have to pay for it in gold, which is 5,000 gold.

Since creating a guild is not free, it is important to pay attention to the name of the FF guild you create.

However, a cool name will affect people’s interest in joining the Guild you have created.

So for those of you who want to create a guild, make sure you choose a cool FF Guild name and logo, OK?

The hotter the name, the more people will want to join.

The idea of ​​making a cool and attractive FF guild name

For those of you still looking for inspiration for a cool guild name, we’ll give you some recommendations.

Here are some ideas for creating a FF Guild name.

1. Pay attention to the unique characters of the players

When you first create a guild, you need to imagine who the people are that will join the guild.

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For example, you want people who are persistent and steadfast to join your guild, or you want people from certain cities to join your guild.

By considering who the people are that will join, you can find the unique character of the players.

You can create a FF Guild name based on it.

Later, people who match these unique characters, whether they play style or domicile, will definitely not hesitate to join your Guild.

2. Choose simple but effective language

A cool FF name doesn’t always have to be a complicated one.

You can use simple language but make a good impression.

Moreover, the name of this FF Guild is only two words maximum. So, you should think of a simple but good name.

An example of a simple name is Battle Pop. This great name uses simple language, right?

The meaning of the name is folk battle. The name stands for fun Free Fire battles.

3. Can use symbols, but don’t be too complicated

When creating a FF name, whether it’s an account name or a guild name, you’re allowed to use symbols.

If you pay attention to existing guild names, many also use symbols. However, is it necessary to use symbols?

The presence of symbols in the name can really do nickname getting colder. But don’t overdo it, okay?

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Too many symbols, not to mention complex symbols, will actually make the name look ridiculous.

So, you can wear symbols, but don’t overdo it, yes.

4. Talk to the guild founders

When you create a guild, you may not be alone alias there is a founding team you can talk to.

So that you don’t bother thinking about the name of the Guild, invite the founding members to a discussion, okay?

Who knows they also have interesting ideas for your team name.

5. FF guild name ideas from Indonesian puppet figures

Cool FF names don’t always come from foreign languages, do they?

For those of you who want to bring out the spirit of nationalism, there are plenty of interesting names from the Indonesian language.

You can get great FF Guild names in Indonesian from Indonesian doll characters.

In the famous Mahabharata story, there are many interesting character names that you can use.

For example Abhimanyu, Arjuna, Amba, Antareja, Antasena, Bima, Bhishma, Gatotkaca, Krishna, Yudhisthira and many others.

The name is only in a story, yes. There are many other wayang stories that have interesting character names.

You can look up the meaning of the name to be more sure of using it as a guild name.

6. FF guild name ideas from Japanese anime characters

For anime fans, you can also use the name animated as a guild name, you know.

This is very common and widely used by FF players.

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In Japanese naming, there is a character’s name and there is the character’s last name.

To make the Guild name look cool, you can use the last name.

For example, in the anime Attack on Titan, there is the character name Levi Ackerman.

Levi is the character’s name, while Ackerman is the family name or clan name.

Well, you can use his last name to look cool, like Ackerman Squad.

Lots of cool anime character names. You can search based on your favorite anime, yes.

7. Guild name ideas based on Zodiac, MBTI or Shio

Finally, for those of you who like zodiac identities, MBTI, Shio or others, you can use those too.

The team name based on this will make it easier for you to find friends with the same identity.

Those who have the same zodiac, MBTI or shio do not hesitate to join the Guild you have created.


From this explanation, I hope you can get a cool FF Guild name, no.

Discovering this unique name is really up to your creativity.

So, let your imagination run wild to find the best name. Happy gaming!