The full profile of Sariamin Ismail, Indonesia’s first female novelist to appear on Google Doodle
The full profile of Sariamin Ismail, Indonesia’s first female novelist to appear on Google Doodle

The full profile of Sariamin Ismail, Indonesia’s first female novelist to appear on Google Doodle – Today’s Google Doodle, Saturday (31.7.2021), with New Pujangga era novelist Sariamin Ismail. Today, 112 years ago, Sariamin Ismail was born on July 31, 1909 in Sinurut Village, Talu District, Pasaman Regency, West Sumatra.

What is Sariamin Ismail’s profile like? Kompas daily, 16 December 1995, reported that Sariamina’s writing talent had been seen since she was at Meisjes Normaal School Padangpanjang in the 1920s.

His works are varied. He wrote articles in the media, especially in Assaraq run by Rustam Effendi and Rasyid Manggis.

Sariamin also wrote many plays including Adikku Misrani, Cermin Perbandan, Dulu dan Segarung, Nasihat Kakak, Harapan Ibu, Jalan Mana yang Dituran, Si Malin Kundang and Puti Payung.

Get information, inspiration and insights through your email Register an email. However, a collection of poems by de Mijn Vriendin (My Friends) in 1943 could not be published because they were confiscated by the Japanese. After teaching in Bengkulu, Sariamin moved to Talukkuantan (Riau) in 1945, then to Pekanbaru in 1949.

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In Pekanbaru he met his soulmate, Ismail, so his name became Sariamin Ismail. Sariamin is active in various organizations in Pekanbaru. Since 1945, she has served as president of the Riau Mothers Association (PKIR), president of Perwari and headed the Pekanbaru Ibu Foundation, which oversees 14 organizations.

During her lifetime, Sariamin had many aliases such as Selasih, Mother True, Sri Gunung, Sri Tanjung, Sri Gunting, Sri Shock, Gelinggang, Bundo Kandung, Mande Rabiah, Dahlia and Seleguri.

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However, the name Sariamin is best known, especially when used for two of his best-known romances, Kalo Tak Untung (1933) and Influence of Circumstances (1937), published by Balai Pustaka. There is an interesting story related to the name Selasih.

A few months after the publication of the novel If you are not lucky, one of his friends made fun of Sariamin who could only write in a diary. “I see, Min. Be like Selasih, a girl who is able to write romances if she is not lucky.

Unlike you, he only writes in his diary,” said one of his friends. Hearing his friend’s words, Sariamin just lowered his head and remained silent.

“At that time, my mother was silent, but very happy. The Romanian mother proved to be well received. They don’t know that Selasih is my mother’s pen name,” Sariamin alias Selasih told Kompas Daily in 1989.

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Indeed, at that time the number of directors was still very low, especially among women. In fact, Sariamin is said to be Indonesia’s first female novelist.

After retiring, Sariamin spent most of his days memorizing the Qur’an and planting flowers. In the 1980s, the Minister of Education and Culture Daoed Joesoef visited him. Joesoef encouraged him to write again and promised to publish it.

In 1981-1986, 21 Minangkabau fiction books and dictionaries were born from his hands. Sariamin died on 15 December 1995 at Pekanbaru General Hospital, Riau, aged 86.