“The different thing is that it is commented in a meeting of 8 colleagues that the whole stadium is calling you. I’m dying…” declares Raquel Argandoña on the song “Huaso” from Isla de Gala Caldirola and Pinilla Glamorama.

Author: Glamorama Team / August 30, 2022

“I’m dying! “Isn’t Pinilla’s face amazing,” commented Raquel Argandoña of Zone de Estrellas, referring to the issue Mauricio Pinilla and Maurice “Huaso” Isla faced.

The context is this: this weekend the typical university played between the “U” and Catholic in the National Stadium.

Mauricio «Huaso» Isla, who usually expressed his enthusiasm for the University of Chile club, played for the Catholic College, the club he signed with this 12 months.

That’s why the fans of “U” protested loudly in opposition to Isla and a person of the song, as observed in various dates on social networks, claimed: “Isla, conch… de tu ma…, El Pinilla came to your. wife.”

This is among the studies for the week in the entertainment room, which refers to a partnership between Gala Caldirola, the ex-wife of Mauricio Isla -they have a daughter over 4 years old – and Pinilla.

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Pinilla was also a fixture at the National Stadium in one of the broadcast booths performing his job as a sports commentator.

In Star Zone they commented:

Hugo Valencia: “It was a match between Chile and Catholic. however, before the match began, before kick-off, at the College of Chile, the chunchos, as they are called, began to connect with Isla ‘Huaso’. And they took a break with Gala Caldirola.

“And that’s not all. Hundreds of followers were screaming at him that Mauricio Pinilla took his wife away from him. Pay attention to it. Paired Isla, Gala and Pinilla…Pinilla meeting says it all”

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Rachel Argandon: “I’m dying! It’s just that Pinilla’s face area isn’t stunning”

Adriana Barrientos: “You shouldn’t know how excited I am, mainly because these guys keep me going to the crown. As soon as one of them drops some of the inappropriate facts, I consider it really excellent. I’m so sorry for Gala”

Argandon: “But what is the fault of ‘Huaso’ Isla to be called such factors about her?”

Barrientos: “You’re going to hear how soccer players refer to girls, Raquel, for once in your everyday life. For as soon as in my existence I can hear a person of them chopping.

“I feel so substantial for the Gala. But now the girls have such considerable power that we will be able to provide with it very well, mainly because it is not to blame.”

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Argandon: “This reminds me of Mauriziano, when old Mariana Abumohor, when she entered the stadium, was called exactly the same problem about him”

González: “But fans are out of date with history for the reason that Gala is not Mauricio Isla’s wife at the moment. Gala is now tired of denying the circumstance. He is curious”

Argandon: “But it’s really different from talking about a meeting of 8 friends and they named everything about the stadium. I’m useless”

González: “It may be a war between groups.”