The data center business continues to grow, DCI achieves a profit of 143 billion lei in the first half of 2022
The data center business continues to grow, DCI achieves a profit of 143 billion lei in the first half of 2022

The data center business continues to grow, DCI achieves a profit of 143 billion lei in the first half of 2022

Jakarta, Gizmologia The Covid-19 pandemic is a blessing in itself for those involved in the technology sector. Because it accelerates digital transformation across the board, including cloud adoption. This was acknowledged by Toto Sugiri, President Director of PT DCI Indonesia Tbk (IDX: DCII) when public exposure which took place virtually today (31.8.2022).

“Data centers as a support for digital infrastructure are also experiencing rapid growth. Seen from the entry of new players in the data center sector. However, DCI managed to maintain its position as the market leader with 56% dominance,” said Toto.

Amid the rapid growth of the national data center provider industry, PT DCI Indonesia Tbk (IDX: DCII), managed to end the first half of 2022 with a rather bright performance.

This is inseparable from the company’s efforts in 2022 to offer data center locations in more locations and continue to improve the quality of data center services. The company said it will continue to consistently meet the needs of the colocation data center with the best quality of services.

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DCI Indonesia performance

Toto added that businessmen had confidence in his party, which reflected positively in the accounting, with healthy profitability amid high competition in Indonesia’s data center industry.

“In addition to the 22% increase in revenue, the company’s net profit also increased by 29%. This performance is the result of the implementation of strategic initiatives and operational efficiencies that have been achieved,” he said.

DCII announced a 22% increase in revenue in the first half of 2022 to 458 billion per year (year-on-year). The company managed to register a net profit of 143 billion lei, up 29% compared to the same period of the previous year.

This increase in revenue is considered to be the result of optimizing various strategies and innovations which are the key to the company’s success in maintaining good business growth.

DCII performance

Focus on 3 main challenges

Toto Sugiri President Director of PT DCI Indonesia Tbk
Toto Sugiri, President Director of PT DCI Indonesia Tbk

The founder of DCII pointed out that the company is currently focusing on 3 (three) main challenges in the data center industry in 2022. According to him, the data center sector is increasingly competitive due to digital acceleration which includes meeting market demand, competing on the background of emergence. of new industry players and ensuring ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) compliance.

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The first challenge is to meet the ever-increasing market demand. Therefore, the company continues to build data center buildings and multi-site DCI Platform.

The company operated five data center buildings with a total capacity of 52 MW. The DCI platform continues to expand by building data center buildings in multiple locations with global operational standards. There are two that are already operating, namely DCI Hyperscale 1 in Cibitung with a power capacity of over 300 Megawatts (MW) that uses a gas plant as its energy source. As well as
DCI Hyperscale 2 in Karawang with a power capacity of more than 600 MW and in the future will be able to produce renewable energy of more than 30 MW.

They are also building DCI Hyperscale 3 in Bintan with a power capacity of over 1,000MW which is currently in the planning process. The Bintan site itself will be one of the green data centers that will use renewable energy as its main power source.

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The second challenge is the emergence of new players in the data center industry. To overcome this, DCI strives to improve the best quality of services and provide more added value for customers.

The third challenge is increasing electricity tariffs and minimizing carbon emissions. According to the eccentric man who is also one of the founders of Indonesia’s first ISP, Indonet, the company also pays attention to sustainability as a main concern in the construction of data centers.

“There is no denying that data center business players have an important role to play in efforts to reduce carbon (CO2) emissions in Indonesia. One of the concrete proofs of DCI is increasing efficiency in running data center operations by deploying artificial intelligence (AI) technology and implementing efficient design at hyperscale,” he concluded.