The best roguelike games for Android
The best roguelike games for Android

The best roguelike games for Android

This roguelike (or rogue-like) dungeon crawler is a pretty intense game. Players dive into the cave. And dungeons to seek adventure and loot.

However, in my roguelikes, dungeons are randomly generated. And player death is permanent. Thus, there is little anxiety. Which gives the game a more intense feel than most arcade games.

This is clearly a niche genre. However, the fan base is loyal. Roguelikes is unlike most other games I’ve played. Here are the best roguelike dungeon crawlers for Android!


The first one I recommend is the caves. This is one of the most popular roguelike dungeon crawlers on mobile. Adheres to the definition quite well.

Players crawl through randomly generated dungeons. Collect various loot and equipment, defeat hordes of bad guys and more.

Like most, the graphics are retro. But the controls are good and the gameplay is relatively fun and challenging. Players also get a main base with cloning stations. This is not easy and relatively cheap.

Dead cells

Dead Cells is a newer roguevania game and it’s pretty good. It features a large interconnected world (hence the vania part), a 2D platformer. And mechanisms of action, non-linear development and more.

In addition, you get hardware controller support, more software controller options. And auto-hit mode if you want to focus more on exploration. The game is pretty big and the playable characters are cool.

Unfortunately, this version is a bit behind the PC iteration. So some of the necessary balancing is not done for this version of the game.

Enjoy the difficulty because it is a difficult game. It also runs at reasonable prices with no in-app purchases or ads.

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Endurance is a dungeon crawler. Such a villain from the same developer of diseases (Google Play link). It’s a top-down shooter with a lot of bad guys. Lots of stuff to collect and a real story to play with.

Explore the resistance to find out why everyone is going crazy. This is a prequel to the disease. And disease is another great game in this genre.

You can use one of them, but for maximum story effect. First you have to try the disease. Both games are free to play with permanent premium versions. Which is available as an in-app purchase.


This hoplite is another older and more popular underground crawler. Where to use moves per turn. And attack for a slightly more strategic gaming experience. Otherwise, it’s a classic roguelike title.

There are randomly generated dungeons, leaderboards. Google Play achievements, simple controls and many difficulties.

The game has practically more than two dozen levels. But there are plenty of special missions and other things to keep you busy. It’s also relatively cheap if you go with the premium version. It is also available for free for Google Play Pass members.


Pathos is another older game in this genre. The graphics are below average even compared to other roguelikes. And the controls are a bit more complicated than usual. However, the rest of the game is actually pretty good.

It uses a set of game mechanics similar to nethack. A classic ascII roguelike game from the early 1980s. Players descend into the dungeon. And defeat the big bad and then escape before you die.

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I like this one because it’s completely free with no ads. It’s a little hard to complain too much about the downsides. Because you don’t pay to play it.


Reversestory is a rogue-like shooter with action elements and bullet hell. The 2D platforming mechanic is a lot of fun as you shoot through different parts of the game.

The boss fights are challenging but fun and the gameplay is cute and fun. There’s also plenty of gear to grab and you can fly however you want.

The inclusion of bullet hell elements makes this game more intense than the usual rogue-like. This is a good game overall.

Soda Dungeon 2

Soda Dungeon 2 is more like a dungeon crawler than a roguelike. Players jump into the soda dungeon and try to make it to the end. Includes turn-based combat mechanics, lots of loot to collect. Boss fights and more.

It looks like a pretty standard dungeon crawling rpg on the surface. But he added a few other things to make it more fun. You can get things in the background. When you are not playing as in idle games.

Additionally, you can use the soda script function. To tell your AI teammates what to do and when exactly. It’s not as a rogue, but as a dungeon crawler, it’s pretty good.

Space Grunts 2

Space grunts 2 is another unique twist on the roguelike genre. It introduces the card collection mechanism. But in reality, cards replace regular tools and loot.

You found the card. And then you play it in the right situation to get out of trouble. There are a lot of cards to collect and the gameplay is similar to most roguelikes.

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This one isn’t very popular, but I had fun playing it. The game has a pretty friendly price. But it has no additional ads or in-app purchases.

Tyrant of the Void

Void tyrant is a roguelike dungeon crawler. Newer on the list. However, it is already one of the most popular. It combines the idea of ​​collecting cards with the standard roguelike experience.

Players collect cards, build decks, and play cards to get out of trouble. There are three classes in the free version and four in the premium version. You choose your character, build your deck and go on an adventure.

It’s a bit more of a collectible card than a roguelike. However, it’s still a decent game overall. Another very similar game is rogue adventure.

Another Pixel Dungeon

This game is about as classic a roguelike as you can get on mobile. It is based on the original pixel dungeon. And it’s one of the many spin-offs in the play store.

I like this one because it is in active development. Added lots of extra things to do and more options for players.

You have four classes to choose from, four difficulty levels. Lots of loot and gear to collect. And even the environment can help or hinder you.

I think this is the best iteration of all the pixel dungeon games. And the one we recommend first. However, you can try something else by searching for pixel dungeons in the play store. There are quite a few versions.