The best kids games for Android
The best kids games for Android

The best kids games for Android

It’s probably true that babies shouldn’t be holding smartphones or tablets and such. Because this kid has a tendency to break those things.

But if you dare, your mobile device can be a small window to the world. Which can entertain your children for hours. And sometimes it can even help educate them.

Babies don’t have many fine motor skills. The best games for them are simple games. Where I can only touch the screen.

And enjoy the fun colors along with the silly sound effects. Below are the best Android games for kids.


First I will recommend a game called androbaby. Androbaby is a developer on Google Play. They made some games for children. Some of them are suitable for small children.

Some of these games include first words for babies, farm games for kids. Baby flashcards, animal sounds and learning colors for babies. They also have games for parents like 2048.

Most games are free with ads. You can usually remove ads for a nominal price. Those who subscribe to google play pass. You can get most of the androbaby games for free.


App Quiz is another developer on Google Play. They also have a number of good games for children. Some of the titles include puzzles for kids, musical instruments for kids. Balloons for kids, games for toddlers and kids, car wash for kids and more. The gameplay is simple, colorful and noisy.

They are basically just mobile game versions of real life toys for kids. Each game is free to download. There are ads if you stick with the free version. Paid version removes ads.

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FooFoo Kids

Foofoo kids is another app developer on Google Play. With lots of games for kids and games for older kids. It may take some searching to find suitable baby games.

However, they have super simple things like popping balloons. And a coloring book app that shouldn’t require much effort. For babies to play. All foofoo apps for kids are free.

Some of them have in-app purchases. But I didn’t find any such cost. It’s a decent overall choice for children’s play.


Gokids is another developer that makes a lot of games for kids. Most are not educated. You guys can find some educational stuff too.

Their biggest games include animal farm, piano for kids zoo. Learning shapes and ocean bubbles appear. Most games are free to play with ads. You can usually pay to remove those ads.

Some of them are for older children. It’s just something to keep in mind. If you have problems that are too difficult for your child.

Gunjan Studios

This is another developer on Google Play that makes games for kids. Not as much as other studios. However, they seem to be doing quite well.

Some of the best games include pop balloon, preschool learning for kids. Alphabet for kids, shapes for kids and first words for babies. Some of them work very well. Others have some bugs that can affect the game experience.

I recommend checking user reviews to see which ones. Most of them can be downloaded for free, but the free version may have ads. The premium versions of these games for kids are usually relatively cheap.

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Kidloland is actually one of the best mobile games for kids available today. It offers over 300 mini-games. Interactive videos, lyrics, stories and more. Most things can be downloaded for offline use. Other than that, none of the versions of this app have ads.

However, it has a lot of different ways to pay. You can purchase items as individual in-app purchases. There are also subscription services that give you access to all of these. This app is pretty good with a lot of things to do.

I understand if the subscription price seems like a bad idea. I’m not a fan either. However, it offers more than what it has to offer. Several developers throughout their catalog, so it’s worth taking a look.

Pop Balloon for kids

The balloon pop game is quite fun for kids. They don’t need much coordination or anything. They simply tap on the screen to pop the bubbles. This variant comes with five game modes.

There is a super basic bubble burst mode where you just pop bubbles. Additional game modes include an az mode where balloons have letters. The number version where the balloon has numbers, the color version where the balloon changes color. And a variant shape where the balloon changes shape.

This game is completely free with no ads. You can unlock additional features with in-app purchases if you want.

Lively Mind Kids Games

Lively mind is another developer on Google Play with lots of games for kids. They have about half a dozen titles now.

They cover topics such as songs songs, simple puzzles, rhymes, music. And some regular stuff like animal sounds, fireworks, balloons. And much more. The gameplay is relatively simple and most babies should have no problem with it.

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Also, the app works without much trouble. Unfortunately, the free version contains ads. However, the premium version is cheap and removes ads.

Doodle Magic Joy

Magic joy doodle is a simple doodling app for kids and adults. You draw things in bright neon colors on a black background.

You can then play the entire sequence. And review what you drew. There are several variants of different colors, different doodle patterns.

You can also save images to share on social media later. If you want to brag. Color randomization and ease of use are a good match. For kids and the premium version is also quite cheap.

Talking Tom

Outfit7 is one of the most popular developers on Google Play. They made the Talking Tom game series. Some of their titles include my talking heel, my talking angel, and more. Each game is slightly different from the previous one.

Their newest title, my talking singer. It’s actually a simulator where you take care of a puppy named Hank. Even recently they released my talking angela 2. Which is really a bit mature for babies.

Everything is so adorable. Your kids are practically making animal sounds. And I make the same sound again. This might be a little too much for some kids.

However, they can be downloaded for free. Make sure you password protect your Google Play account. It has in-app purchases.

Maybe it’s enough for the article I made my friend. We hope this article can help you.