Tempting Small Capital Business Opportunity: Bakso Bakar
Tempting Small Capital Business Opportunity: Bakso Bakar

Tempting Small Capital Business Opportunity: Bakso Bakar

Thoughtpublik.com – Why is a BBQ Meatball Company a Viable Business Opportunity for Equity? because meatballs are a popular and favorite food among Indonesian people.

Fans of meatballs are not only adults, but also teenagers and teenagers of all classes and grades.

Bakso, as we all know, is a form of food made from beef. But it’s not just beef; People are getting more creative with different types of meatballs including chicken, fish, goat, poultry, rabbit and more.

There are several types and menus of meatballs available, but this time we will focus on grilled meatballs, one of the meatball foods that are very popular among fans.

Grilled meatballs are one of the processed meatballs that are produced from the ingenuity of entrepreneurs in finding new areas of profit. You don’t need a lot of money to start this business; You can start with as little as $9 million.

Now I am curious what it takes to start this barbecue meatball business and how much profit is expected, please review our study below:
Commercial Capital Meatballs
The following is an example of a basic barbecue meatball business plan that contains the initial business capital, such as meatball company equipment, monthly capital or fees, which determine the price of barbecue meatballs and the monthly profits that can be generated from this business of grilled meatballs.

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Initial investment in Bakso Meatball Company

Rs. 500,000 for cooking utensils

Rs. 750,000,- for portable cabin/both/socket

Rs. 1,250,000 as initial capital

Production for the month

Rs. 6,750,000,- for raw materials (meatballs): 150 meatballs At 1,500 = 225,000 x 30 days: Rp.

Rs. 300,000 for seasoning

Rs. 400,000 for gas, skewers and other items

Total monthly fee Rp. 7,450,000

Profit per month

50 x 8,000 = Rp. 400,000,- every day

30 x 400,000 = Rp. 12,000,000 monthly turnover
Profit after tax
Monthly income minus monthly fees is equal to Rp. 4,550,000

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How to run a successful meatball business

Here are some pointers to keep in mind if you want your barbecue meatball business to be profitable:

Choosing an effective business location

The number of customers we receive will be determined by the location we choose. As a result, choose a sales location that is convenient and close to the public.

Price competition

Price is an important factor in attracting consumers, as buyers are often tempted by low prices. Of course, it’s not just the low price that attracts people; good taste is also a key aspect in determining whether the next customer will become a regular customer.

Keep your surroundings tidy.
Taste is the most important factor that cannot be ignored, but cleanliness is also a factor that buyers consider when deciding whether or not to buy your item. Great taste and low cost are not enough if the food or the place of sale is not clean.

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Creating an attractive outlet/stand

This approach can be used to attract consumers initially and is very successful. An attractive outlet will attract the attention of passers-by in front of your outlet, making them accidentally read the menu you serve, and if they are interested, they will become your customers.

As a result, it is very important to design a stand that attracts the attention of visitors.
Other recommendations to help your BBQ meatballs sell well in the market: Make BBQ meatballs in various flavors such as BBQ meatballs, BBQ spicy meatballs, BBQ meatballs and more. This will surely add to the attraction and curiosity of the visitors.


That concludes our analysis of the meatball industry, a potential low-cost business option.

We hope that what we convey can motivate those of you who want to start your own business, especially those who are looking for side business prospects or a decent home business.