Technology from Wuling Cortez
Technology from Wuling Cortez

Technology from Wuling Cortez – Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) is a type of car that is in high demand in Indonesia. The reason is none other than this type of car usually has a spacious interior so it is suitable for use as a family car.

Seeing the rapid development of technology in the latest cars, Wuling has launched the latest variant of the Cortez series, the Cortez CT, which not only comes with a new spacious interior, but also comes with full features and is ready to offer a new experience driving a minivan. car.

Maybe there are some of you who are not fully familiar with this car. This article will tell you what are the advantages of Cortez CT, and maybe after reading it, you will be interested to come to the nearest Wuling dealer for a test drive or even decide to have a “beautiful” Cortez CT.


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There is a new exterior of the Wuling Cortez CT that you can distinguish from the previous Cortez variant. The face of the Cortez CT is recognizable by the new modern grille design.

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Meanwhile, the headlight design uses an auto-lamp LED headlight that lights up in bright white and presents a bright impression. There is keyless entry in the door, the wheels use Sporty 16” two-tone alloy wheels.

On the back of the car, you will find an emblem that says Turbo on a red background, this emblem explains that the Cortez CT is equipped with a turbo engine that definitely provides a more enjoyable driving experience.


Wuling Cortez CT.MPV car

Cortez CT comes with aspects of reliability, comfort and completeness. To increase driving confidence, Wuling gives this mid-size MPV a 1,500cc inline-4 engine powered by a Honeywell turbocharger.

The Cortez CT has a maximum power of 140 hp and a torque of 250 Nm sent to the front wheels. As in the Wuling Almaz, the working system of the turbo engine in the Cortez CT is to use the energy from the combustion of the engine, which is then used to turn the turbine. After spinning, the turbine will then spin the side of the turbocharger.

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Not just a turbocharged engine, this new advanced minivan is offered in two transmission options, namely a 6-speed manual transmission on the C type or continuously variable transmission (CVT) on the C and L types. The CVT is an automatic transmission that is capable of to change the ratio continuously throughout the interval. the ratio .

The CVT has an unlimited ratio. The CVT technology on the car makes every movement feel smoother, so the driving comfort will be more pronounced.


Wuling Cortez CT Interior MPV

Inside, the Wuling Cortez CT dashboard layout comes with a new interior design with softer wood panels. In addition, the console also uses a glossy pattern, and the steering wheel is covered in leather, which of course makes you more comfortable to hold it.

Power vehicle seat adjustments are also available in the Cortez CT. For entertainment features, the Cortez CT offers you the best entertainment through an 8-inch Head-up Display. For convenience, it is also equipped with a single button (engine start/stop), stylish power sunroof, beautiful mood lighting.

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Modern center cluster design with automatic AC, electric front seat adjustment. The interior of the Cortez CT is also spaciously designed and offers enough space in each row to provide comfort for both passengers and drivers.

Security system

Security features on Wuling Cortez CT MPV

In terms of driving safety aids, Wuling equipped the Cortez CT with Traction Control System (TCS), Control Hold (ESS) (HHC), Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), ISOFIX, Restraint automatic vehicle (AVH), Electric parking brake (EPB). ), ABS, EBD, BA, electronic stability control (ESC) on front and side airbags.

With these features, the Cortez CT is ready to accompany you and your family in all conditions. For those of you who want to experience one of the great Wuling MPVs or try driving this car, you can test drive it by visiting the nearest Wuling dealer in your city.

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