Tax Consultant Tariff Update in Indonesia (Annual SPT and Tax Amnesty) – Price List and Tariff 2022
Tax Consultant Tariff Update in Indonesia (Annual SPT and Tax Amnesty) – Price List and Tariff 2022

Tax Consultant Tariff Update in Indonesia (Annual SPT and Tax Amnesty) – Price List and Tariff 2022

If you want to enroll in a tax program, one of which is the tax amnesty, you definitely need the services of a tax consultant so that the calculations can be done correctly and precisely. A tax consultant is a person who provides tax advisory services to Taxpayers in the context of exercising their rights and fulfilling tax obligations in accordance with tax laws and regulations. The charges for using this service vary, but the average is millions of rupees.

Illustration: Calculating Taxes (Credit: Tax Page)
Illustration: Calculating Taxes (Credit: Tax Page)

Reported by various sources, in order to become a tax consultant, one must take a tax consultant certification exam. Typically, participants will be charged a registration fee of IDR 300k. Then, for new entrants, they have to pay a fee for the A certificate of about Rp. 2 million, while a B certificate costs about Rp. 3.5 million. and a C certificate fee of about Rp 6 million. In addition, it must meet several requirements.

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Conditions for tax consultant

  • Indonesian citizens.
  • Domiciled in Indonesia.
  • He has no work or position obligations in the government and/or BUMN/BUMD.
  • Good behavior evidenced by a certificate from the competent authority.
  • Have a taxpayer identification number (NPWP).
  • Become a member of one of the Associations of Fiscal Consultants registered with the General Directorate of Taxes.
  • He holds a tax consultant certificate.
  • To obtain a license to practice, a tax consultant must submit a written application to the Director General of Taxes within two years of the issuance of the tax consultant certificate.

So how much does the community need if they want to use the services of a tax consultant? Set fees vary, depending on the tax aspects and policies of each consultant. The following is a complete review of tax advisory fees that we have compiled from various tax advisory service providers.

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Tax Consulting Illustration (source:
Tax Consulting Illustration (source:

Annual SPT tax consultant rates

Category Fiscal Consultant Rates
Annual Personal Tax Return 1770S Rp 450,000 – Rp 550,000
1770 Individual Annual Tax Return Rp 550,000 – Rp 1,800,000
Annual income tax return for business entities IDR 200 million – IDR 5 billion Rp3,500,000
Annual SPT turnover of the business entity Rp 5 billion – Rp 10 billion 5,000,000 Rp
Annual SPT turnover of the business entity Rp 10 billion – Rp 15 billion 7,000,000 Rp
Annual turnover of SPT business entity Rp 15 billion – Rp 20 billion 9,000,000 Rp
Annual SPT turnover of the business entity Rp 20 billion – Rp 25 billion 14,000,000 Rp

Compared to the previous year’s offers, in general, the annual rate of the SPT tax consultant is still relatively stable. The cost of consulting services for an individual annual tax return, for example, was initially set at 300 thousand lei to 2.5 million lei, now it ranges from 450 thousand lei to 1.8 million lei, depending on the provisions of each consultation. service.

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Tax Amnesty Consultant Rates

If a taxpayer wants to prepare an annual financial report, usually a tax consultant sets a rate of IDR 2 million to IDR 6 million per taxpayer. Meanwhile, for the tax amnesty report, the cost will be much more expensive, which is around 28 million lei to 250 million lei per taxpayer, not much different from the previous year. According to tax consultants, tax amnesty is a policy that is not easy to understand. Therefore, these tax consultants dared to charge extraordinary rates, well above the normal rates. (Update: Bench)