Taiwan shoots down Chinese drones
Taiwan shoots down Chinese drones

Taiwan shoots down Chinese drones

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We are all aware of the ongoing cold disputes between the Taiwanese and the Chinese. Have you heard about the latest controversy between these two countries? You might be interested to know more about the latest controversy between these countries. We are happy to share more news information as it is trending in Worldwide thus.

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The unidentified civilian drone recently entered the airspace of the nearby island, which was located off the Chinese coast. After witnessing an increase in such incidents, this was the first time Taiwan’s military force had made such a move. After the surprise visit to Taiwan by Nancy Pelosi, a speaker of the US House of Representatives, the government has tightened military security.

Why was it Taiwan shoots down Chinese drones ?

According to various sources, Taiwan’s military claimed that an unidentified drone was shot down by them and entered the airspace of Shiyu Island in the Taiwan region. After Nancy Pelosi’s surprise visit to the island last month, the military claimed the site was off limits. The government in Beijing made the decision to establish strong military security around Taiwan after that visit. This was against the objection of the Taipei government.

Statement taken from the Incident.

Now let’s find out why Taiwan shot down Chinese dronesnow.

According to Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense statement, Jinmen, who holds a defense command officer position in Taiwan’s military, said the incident occurred around noon on Thursday when an unidentified drone was seen flying in the island’s restricted airspace. He added that Taiwan’s military will continue to take all necessary measures to prevent such security threats.

Steps to follow in an Incident

Taiwan shuts down Chinese drones to maintain safety and security Similar drones flying over the island were also spotted in mid-August. According to Kinmen, two drones were also seen flying over the restricted island in mid-August. One flew above Little Kinmen Island, while the other flew high above Lion Island. This Incident took place on Monday and Saturday respectively.

China is suspected of flying a drone over Lion Island, 30 meters away. The Taiwanese government issued a statement saying they were upset by the incident.


Taiwan shoots down Chinese drones in an effort to enhance your safety and security. After a series of similar activities, Taiwan eventually shot down the unidentified drones on Thursday. They were located above their area. After Nancy Pelosi’s visit, security was increased on the Shiyu Islands.

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