Sriwijaya Air Cargo Tariff Update for Various Cities – 2022 Price and Tariff List
Sriwijaya Air Cargo Tariff Update for Various Cities – 2022 Price and Tariff List

Sriwijaya Air Cargo Tariff Update for Various Cities – 2022 Price and Tariff List

Developing an online business with large inter-island freight delivery activities inevitably also requires high mobility. Air cargo services can be a profitable solution due to shorter deliveries. There are already a number of airlines that service this cargo delivery, one of which is Sriwijaya Air. Delivery rates are usually determined by the type of service selected, the weight of the package and the delivery destination.

Illustration: Sriwijaya Air Carries Cargo (source: Tribunnews)
Illustration: Sriwijaya Air Carries Cargo (source: Tribunnews)

This air cargo service, called SJ-Cargo, is operated by Sriwijaya Air’s cargo agent, PT Natra, which has a strong service and distribution network in the Joglosemar area, namely in Solo, Yogyakarta and Semarang. As an air delivery service, SJ-Cargo has the advantage of a faster arrival time than other shipping services, so it can be your solution that requires speed and security in shipping services. The various commodities served by this commodity are live animals, fruits and vegetables, prints, important documents, electronic products, clothing products, human remains (dead bodies), souvenirs and handicrafts, spare parts or spare parts, to plants.

  • to ports; The advantages of this service are time efficiency because the goods can be picked up immediately upon arrival at the destination airport, cost efficiency (reduction of costs incurred for shipping payments for delivery to the address, the recipient is only charged an additional fee for renting the warehouse at the destination). airport which is on average around Rp 000 per kg depending on the respective airport authority), and it is safe because each shipment receives 1 air waybill number so that in packing and shipping it is not mixed with the goods from other shippers.
  • at the door; The advantages of this service are hassle-free because the goods will be delivered directly to the destination address, the best price at an efficient and safe cost, because the distribution of addresses is done by reliable Sriwijaya Air agents.

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So how much is the freight rate for SJ-Cargo owned by Sriwijaya Air? Sriwijaya Air cargo rates vary depending on the delivery location, destination address and weight of the cargo being sent. Well, here we present to you the latest information about SJ-Cargo fare range belonging to Sriwijaya Air airline, which we have summarized from one of the official cargo agents of Sriwijaya Air.

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Illustration of Sriwijaya Air Cargo (source:
Illustration of Sriwijaya Air Cargo (source:

Sriwijaya Air Cargo fares from Jakarta

Destination Port to Port Tariff Door to Door Rate
Pulpit 50,377 Rp 57,587 Rp
Balikpapan 38,040 Rp 45,250 Rp
Banda Aceh 36,992 Rp 44,202 lei
Banjarmasin 32,220 Rp 39,430 Rp
We beat 28,496 Rp 35,706 Rp
He 60,288 Rp 67,498 Rp
both 78,311 Rp 85,521 Rp
Denpasar 20,349 Rp 27,559 Rp
Gorontalo 50,825 Rp 58,035 Rp
Jambi 22,793 Rp 30,003 Rp
Jayapura 82,251 Rp 89,461 Rp
Kendari 52,024 Rp 59,234 Rp
Kupang 56,941 Rp 64,151 Rp
Labuan Bajo 53,054 Rp 60,264 Rp
Lampung 15,943 Rp 23,153 Rp
Malang 14,704 Rp 21,914 Rp
Makassar 44,075 Rp 51,285 Rp
Manado 60,503 Rp 67,713 Rp
Manokwari 76,565 Rp Ro83,775
I was mowing 26,168 Rp 33,378 Rp
While 29,194 Rp 36,404 Rp
Merauke 112,413 Rp 119,623 lei
birth 124,260 Rp 131,470 Rp
Padang 23,375 Rp 30,585 Rp
Palembang 20,698 Rp 27,908 Rp
Hammer 51,273 Rp 58,483 Rp
Pangkal Pinang 23,026 Rp 30,236 Rp
Pekanbaru 26,517 Rp 33,727 Rp
Pontianak 30,143 lei 37,353 Rp
Palangkaraya 26,651 Rp 33,861 Rp
Semarang 15,943 Rp 23,153 Rp
Solo 15,943 Rp 23,153 Rp
pressed 69,582 Rp 76,792 Rp
Surabaya 16,624 lei 23,834 Rp
Tanjung Pandan 20,757 Rp 27,967 Rp
Tanjung Pinang 29,427 Rp 36,637 Rp
Cockroach 43,161 Rp 50,371 Rp
Ternates 50,959 Rp 58,169 Rp
Timika 108,753 Rp 115,963 Rp
Yogyakarta 13,616 Rp 20,826 Rp

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  • The rates above are Jakarta rates.
  • The Sriwijaya freight rates above are rates for services with a minimum shipping weight of 10 kg.
  • Reservation (reservation) delivery of goods 12 hours before departure.

Compared to 2020, Sriwijaya Air’s cargo service fares in 2021 and 2022 have increased and some have decreased. The port-to-port freight rate from Jakarta to Timika, for example, is set at IDR 102k in 2020, slightly increasing to IDR 108k in 2021 and 2022. Meanwhile, the Jakarta to Semarang freight rate is 16 thousand IDR. in 2020, slightly decreasing to IDR 15 thousand in 2021. and 2022.

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