Spray this stuff, pour vinegar, clean your kitchen so it’s shiny like new!
Spray this stuff, pour vinegar, clean your kitchen so it’s shiny like new!

Spray this stuff, pour vinegar, clean your kitchen so it’s shiny like new!

There’s a way to clean stubborn dirt off your stove so it’s shiny like new. Use only ingredients that are already in the kitchen. It is not normal, after cooking, there will be a mark of sticky black oil on top of the remaining cooking, which sticks in the gaps in the kitchen.

By sharing from Dapur Pak San there is an easy way to clean and shine the kitchen.

Many people ask and want to know how to make the kitchen shine like new. I want to share tips this time.

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Materials required:

Baking powder
Kitchen napkins
Dishwashing liquid

How to do it:

1. Sprinkle baking soda and salt over the kitchen.
2. After that, pour dish soap and spread it evenly all over.
3. Then cover with a napkin and pour vinegar. Make sure the vinegar is absorbed and moist.
4. Leave it for 1 hour, then open it and scrub it with a dishwashing brush.

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God willing, it will be easy to clean stubborn dirt from the kitchen later.
This tip can also be used for flashes.

More information!

There is no need to wet the stove or pan before sprinkling and basting the ingredients. Just spray dry.

It may be useful.
Good luck!

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Women’s Weekly: So, for moms who want to clean and shine the kitchen so that it looks like new, you can try these simple tips shared.

Source: Pak San’s Kitchen

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