Sometimes I get lost in memories looking at old pictures
Sometimes I get lost in memories looking at old pictures

Sometimes I get lost in memories looking at old pictures

The other day I found myself, as I do from time to time, going down the bend with old photos and videos on my phone. It’s like a Target run for me. I went back looking for a particular photo and ended up going through memories I never thought I’d see again, lost in the past. I found myself smiling or crying as I remembered.

It made me wonder: If I could, would I freeze for a moment? A time in my life when people and things could go on being the way they were forever?

I came across a video of my grandfather kissing my grandmother at 60th anniversary dinner a few years ago and was instantly transported to that occasion. That wonderful night when my grandfather was still alive. When his love for my grandmother was as clear as day and a fantastic, tangible example for the rest of the family to watch as they happily shared a PG-13 kiss.

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Really, thinking about it, I’m pretty sure one of the kids caught a cold that dinner, and I went through a few rough nights of little sleep. It wasn’t all a carefree celebration, but I just remembered the happiness I felt watching those videos.

My eyes watered and I felt the urge to go back in time to that event. To freeze him, to allow my grandfather to live longer. But then I realized that even though the moment has passed, his love lives on through his family, including his 15 great-grandchildren.

I’m grateful for the photos and videos that remind me of all those incredible bits that have made up my life up to this point – but if I’m honest, even if I could, I wouldn’t want to relive it over and over again. That’s not what it’s about.

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If we make the past our endless present, sure, we can recreate those moments that bring inexplicable joy, but we will fail to make new happy memories. I will miss seeing life go on, seeing my children grow, or going through my own transformations. So no thanks Bill Murray, I’ll skip my groundhog day.

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I know there will always be sad experiences and sometimes life will seem tiring or hard because that is just the name of the game.

But moving forward means capturing new memories.

New pictures and videos that I can look at later and find myself smiling without realizing I’m doing it. It means letting pieces of my past emit a wonderful nostalgic feeling of joy that I will cherish forever as long as I live. Remembering that moment through my memories, but always remembering to come back to the present and live life to the best of my ability, honoring the memory of my loved ones who have lived before me.

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To quote the very wise Dr. Seuss: “Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened.”

Lisa Lopez

Lisi is a Latina wife to her college sweetheart and mother of three incredible children. She worked as an industrial engineer before her middle son was born with Down syndrome and was promoted to stay-at-home mom. Now she is realizing the journey of motherhood and enjoying all its fun surprises. She also has a lawyer Instagram account for her son, @ourextraluckyworld, and a blog,