Some of the best software to replace Microsoft Office
Some of the best software to replace Microsoft Office

Some of the best software to replace Microsoft Office

Some of the best software to replace Microsoft Office

Pikiranpublik.comSome of the best software to replace Microsoft Office. There is always a Microsoft Office program on almost every computer or laptop. Who is not familiar with this powerful program.

Every computer user will surely be familiar with the Office Suite software that they always use to complete different types of work such as creating documents, presenting tables, databases and so on.

Almost all office and school work can be completed quickly and easily with Microsoft Office software. But that doesn’t mean that cobbler office software is the only software that can help us accomplish office and school tasks.

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With the development of technology, we have many options for digital writing without relying on Microsoft Office software.

Since Microsoft Office software is almost very complete and easy to use even for beginners, it is not surprising that the price of this software is very high. Similarly, Microsoft Home & Student Edition is currently worth about 1.2 million.

We know that Microsoft Home and Office Student Edition will only support Microsoft Word, MOX Trojan Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Finished. Meanwhile, if we want to buy the Professional Plus version, we have to be willing to spend around 6 million budget. Maybe at a price like this, of course, very, very anti-goji ingredients in generally Indonesian goji.

It currently removes a lot of software as a replacement for Microsoft Office. Functions close to Microsoft Office replacement software are no less interesting to help with office and school work. This software can be used for free.

So what other alternative software can we do for Microsoft Office?

Here are 5 free software replacements for Microsoft Office

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Among the 5 Microsoft Office replacement software that I will discuss here is the one that we use online (web version). But there is also desktop-based software, such as Microsoft Office.

  1. Google documents

Google Docs is a fairly complete program that we can make as a replacement for Microsoft Office. Google Docs is released by a large company that must be foreign to any of our Google listeners. Almost all the features and functions of Microsoft Office will also be found in the Google Docs program.

Currently, Google Docs features three programs that we can enjoy for free, namely: Microsoft Word-like documents, Microsoft Excel alternative Pages, and Microsoft PowerPoint alternative slides.

Since this program is a web or online version, the main requirement is only to have a Google account to enjoy this program. It’s not hard to have a Google account. It will be used for all online applications launched by Google, even if we have a Google account.

The way Google Docs program works in Microsoft Office and the interface of this program is also very similar to Microsoft Office. When we work on documents, tables, presentations, Using Google Docs, they will be automatically downloaded to Google Drive. This way, we don’t have to use the computer/laptop hard drive space to save our work in Google Docs.

  1. Apache OpenOffice

Microsoft Office is software that we can use in the Apache OpenOffice program to help us fulfill our university responsibilities instead of others.

The features of the nearby Apache OpenOffice program are simple and no less interesting than the Apache OpenOffice program, and of course we can also enjoy this program for free or without the need to buy a license.

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Working as Microsoft Office software, Apache OpenOffice, we can create documents (word processing), process data/tables (spreadsheets), create images (diagrams) and create presentations (presentations).

We can enjoy this program to be installed on a computer / laptop. Thus, we can work in the office using Apache OpenOffice without having to connect to the internet. In addition to the Windows Open Office operating system, we can also install it for Linux users.

  1. Open office

The third position is the alternative software program Microsoft Office Libre Office. Like the OpenOffice program, this is a software that we can use offline or install on a computer/laptop.

At first glance, this program is very similar to the old version of Microsoft Office. For this, Microsoft Office users will surely find it very easy to operate the LibreOffice program. All our office requirements will be met using the free LibreOffice software.

LibreOffice is also equipped with painting facilities. For those of you who prefer to draw using a computer, this LibreOffice program is worth the effort for its greatness. There are 6 programs offered by LibreOffice software namely author, influence, Calc, attraction, base and math. With LibreOffice, save your millions now because we can complete office tasks without having to pay for life.

If you prefer to use LibreOffice, this software is only 200 MB in size. Then, to facilitate Indonesian users, this software is also equipped or already supports Indonesian language.

  1. Atlantis word processor

Enter the fourth software we can use Atlantis word processing software instead of Microsoft Office. This software is also designed with an interface that is very similar to the old version of Microsoft Office. So be willing to change the existing direction. At Atlantis word processing software we can only create documents or word processing programs. This means that the feature-rich Atlantis word processor is not as complete as the free desktop software discussed earlier.

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However, it can’t hurt to try Atlantis word processing software. Because this software is free and also includes software that is able to handle all document formats very well. The great thing about Atlantis word processing software is that we have a Power Type feature that works to guess the next word when you type a document.

5. From the distributor

We didn’t have Microsoft Office software when it was the last software that acted as an alternative software. The latest software that is meant to help us in our office work is King Trojan Office. This program can reset your browsing settings for FREE. Although we can enjoy this software for free (free), it is also available for a paid version (pro).

If we use the free version of the trojan office software, we will get three office tools: writers (such as Office Word), spreadsheets (such as Office Excel) and presentations (such as Office PowerPoint).

To meet your PDF file needs, we at King Trojan Office no longer need to install any other applications. Because this software is equipped with Office to PDF conversion functions. Also, this software is also equipped with spell check, watermark, word count and so on which we can enjoy for free.