SkinTrack: Human skin becomes touch screen
SkinTrack: Human skin becomes touch screen

SkinTrack: Human skin becomes touch screen

What does human skin mean to be a touch screen? SkinTrack is basically a prototype in the form of a smartwatch, while smartwatches generally have very small screens and make it difficult for us to use them, while in SkinTrack the wearer’s skin is used as a touch screen to control the smartwatch.

This technology was developed by a team of researchers from the Future Interfaces Group, which has a dedicated research lab at Carnegie Mellon University, and in this article there will be an amazing video of them showing a smartwatch using the skin of the arm as a medium. for controlling its features just like a touch screen.

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This system requires the user to wear a special ring that will send a signal to the sensor bracelet that is connected to the smart watch. When the index finger using the ring touches or comes close to the skin of the arm, there will be a high-frequency electronic signal that spreads over the entire surface of the skin. The signal is used by SkinTrack to make the skin like a touch screen media.

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This technology allows us to draw certain objects by simply sliding our fingers on the skin of our arms. The video below also shows that we can save application shortcuts to the surface of our skin.

So later we can save application shortcuts on our elbows, for example, and when we want to open the application we just have to press our elbows with our index fingers.

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