Sister-in-law Mykelti Brown reveals why she wants mum Christine and ‘Mom’ Robyn in first house birthday: Watch
Sister-in-law Mykelti Brown reveals why she wants mum Christine and ‘Mom’ Robyn in first house birthday: Watch

Sister-in-law Mykelti Brown reveals why she wants mum Christine and ‘Mom’ Robyn in first house birthday: Watch


Double the moms, double the support! sister wivesMykelti Brown pours water on his mother, Christine Brunand father Kody Brownthe fourth woman, Robyn Brownas she prepares to give birth to her first child.

“I won’t have my dad when I’m born because, honestly, it feels weird,” Mykelti, 26, said. Us WeeklyA special preview for the Sunday, September 25 episode of the TLC series. “In terms of having my mum Christine and my mum Robyn, I’m very close to those two. »

The reality star – who is one of six children with Kody, 53, and Christine – added: ‘I bond a lot with these two. I wanted to confirm my birth, selfishly, I want my birth to be about me.

Mykelti Brown Thanks to Mykelti Brown

In the video, Christine, 50, explained that Robyn, 43, could not be at Mykelti’s house in person due to ‘Covid19’ but made sure she was on a conference call “always” according to her daughter’s wishes. (Mykelti welcomed daughter Avalon in April 2021.)

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“Robyn and Mykelti have a very, very special relationship,” Christine explained in the video. “When Robyn came into the family, she immediately embraced Mykelti. I will always, always love and respect Robyn for her relationship with Mykelti.

Kody is married Measure Brun In 1990 and three years later they married the spirit Janelle Brown. In 1994 he and Christine got married, and Robyn joined the family in 2010.

Four years later, the Wyoming native divorced Meri, 51, to legally marry Robyn and adopt her three children — David22, Dawn20, and Brenna, 17 years old – from a previous union. Kody and Robyn then welcomed two children: Solomon10, and Arielle6.

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Christine surprised fans in November 2021 when she announced that after 25 years with Kody, the couple called it quits. Exes share their son pedon23 years old and girls Aspyne27 years old, Mykelti, Gwendlyn20, Isabelle19, and Indeed12.

Mykelti, for her part, is married Antonio “Tony” Padron in December 2016. The duo welcomed Avalon nearly five years later in the spring of 2021 and announced in June that they are expanding their lineup.

“WE HAVE TWINS!!!! Mykelti wrote on Instagram in June. “Miss Avalon is going to be a big sister in December (twins are coming probably earlier). »

She added: “Tony and I certainly didn’t plan this or expect it, but we’re both excited about our next adventure and all the chaos and love it will bring.”

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During season 17 of sister wivesMykelti told viewers how she got in touch with Robyn, noting We‘ First take a look at Sunday’s episode where she’s been living with Robyn for ‘a few months’ when she’s first attracted to Kody.

“That’s why I’m still close to Robyn and her kids, because of that special time we had together,” she told the cameras. Mykelti’s relationship with Robyn does not seem to have changed the estrangement between her mother and father.

In fact, Christine revealed during the teaser video that “it doesn’t even matter” if Robyn knows her relationship with Kody “is over” because the women were “here Mykelti” when she became a mother for the first time .

sister wives TLC airs Sundays at 10 pm ET.


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