Show video of wife ‘struggling’ giving birth, Hafiz Mahamad’s quote makes son touch many hearts
Show video of wife ‘struggling’ giving birth, Hafiz Mahamad’s quote makes son touch many hearts

Show video of wife ‘struggling’ giving birth, Hafiz Mahamad’s quote makes son touch many hearts

Renowned entrepreneur, Hafiz Mahamad has left a special message for his son, Rayqal Arees, who was just born safely on Tuesday.

In his quote, Hafiz entrusted his son to always appreciate and protect his mother who sacrificed a lot for the sake of family happiness.

“Son, this is a gift for you. As I write this, you only have 18 hours. Rayqal Arees, Dad, thank you for coming into our lives with health, spirit, and Dad knows you are a “great man”

“Oh son, no matter what your situation is, ‘never forget your mother.’ Your mother’s service is great, take care of mother’s heart until her last breath.

“Your mummy is a beautiful and gentle person. Praise him and take care of him like your “grandpa” takes care of mommy. Never let him cry because he is disappointed or insulted by people. Your mother is strong to take care of you and your father “son” must be strong to take care of the family

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“If a drop of your mother’s tears falls, take it seriously. Ask him until you get an answer. Your mother likes to hide. Ask until you get an answer. If it drips because he is proud of your fight, you should continue. If it drips because of other people, you have to be strong, smart and know “how to handle it,” he wrote.

The advice was shared by the influencer’s husband, Syafiqah Aina through a post on the Instagram page.

Through the same post, Hafiz also shared a video showing the situation in which Aina was giving birth to her second child.

Meanwhile, Hafiz also reminded his son not to get too high even though he was born into a very successful business family.

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“Grow and learn my son. Rayqal, don’t look down on people you think are weak. Raise the ranks and lead the weak. Create in you a “leader” soul.

“Never be proud, for your parents’ origins are also like theirs. These people are my best friends and the ones who pray for our family, our business and “YOU”. You are indebted to them, you have grown up to help the Ummah

“@ainaabeautyofficial this is mommy and daddy’s livelihood. In this there are teams and servants of God that you must respect. One day, if they spoil you and call you “Boss’s son”. “Keep your face down” and practice being “humble,” he said again.

Because of this, he also hopes that his son will become a useful person for the family and the community.

“Rayqal, this is a gift for you. Daddy’s gift is “Trust” to you. Dad will educate you to be a “real man”. Do your job, son
Be like your mother, remember this message

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“Find true success in your life. Grow, find and know this last sentence. What is it ? This is what Dad always holds and makes it a principle of life. “Success for happiness”. You will understand later,” he concluded.

Looking at the comments section, netizens were on average moved when they read the excerpt, in addition to praising Hafiz’s education for his children.

Just for information, Hafiz and Aina got married on 24th November 2017. This couple was also blessed with a daughter Raisya Narisa for the first time.

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Photo Source and Credit: Hafiz Mahamad Instagram