Sharifah Shawati appears in the program MeIet0p.  One by one, he died about ZaIina who never knows- Lubuk Viral – Lubuk Viral
Sharifah Shawati appears in the program MeIet0p. One by one, he died about ZaIina who never knows- Lubuk Viral – Lubuk Viral

Sharifah Shawati appears in the program MeIet0p. One by one, he died about ZaIina who never knows- Lubuk Viral – Lubuk Viral

“His character is that he likes to be secretive, he doesn’t like to share personal things..”

These were the words of former TV3 personality Sharifah Shawati who revealed the true identity of her best friend ZaIina Azman while appearing on the Meletop program last night.

Answering questions from host Nabil Ahmad and guest host Sherry Alhadad, the former newsreader of TV3’s Berita Terkini slot admitted he was very surprised by the news of ZaIina’s passing.

“He is a person who takes care of his privacy.. so we understand that, he doesn’t want to push why it is like that.. if he wants to tell us we will listen.

” I came to know about his disappearance through the I felt shocked..then we started contacting each other, Ras Adiba, Zakiah Anas to ask what happened.

” So I wonder why it is like this, all of a sudden.. I feel very worried.

“However, I feel quite moved that the media, including Astro (MeIet0p), are so concerned with helping us find our friend.

” Now it has become a news that is being talked about all over the country.. so I hope people out there don’t make false and invalid assumptions because we have to respect her family and ZaIina herself.

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“The ZaIina I remember is a very kind person.. very kind.. just these secret chapters.. (ZaIina’s secret attitude)..

” Another one from pnd3mik, many feel depressed including ourselves..everyone experiences it.

” There is a possibility that ZaIina feels like this (affected by the pandemic), and she doesn’t want people to mess with her, we don’t know… or maybe she doesn’t want to bother people..

He wears the scarf given by ZaIina

“The scarf I’m wearing now was also a gift from ZaIina..she gave it to me for my birthday..this gift is very sentimental for me..

“He’s someone who goes out of his way because he knows I like this pattern, so he found this design for me.

“I want to believe that ZaIina is still alive, still with us and she’s all over there because I know she’s a very stubborn person,” said Sharifah Shawati.

Last week, Sharifah Shawati said her emotions had been shaken since she learned that her comrade-in-arms while working at TV3, ZaIina Azman, had disappeared without a trace.

In the heart of Sharifah Shawati or her real name Sharifah Shawati Syed Mohd hopes her friend is safe.

Through an entry uploaded on Instagram (IG), Sharifah Shawati recalled when she and her friends, including ZaIina, graced the front page of Berita Harian’s (BH) entertainment insert, which was then known as Persada Seni.

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The last time I saw ZaIina was in a bungalow in Bangsar

In the 14 October 1999 insert titled “Nikmati Mangga Zalin”, Sharifah Shawati and ZaIina were accompanied by two news anchors, Aziah Jasmin Azizul and Suriani Rahman.

” The photo immortalized in this BH article uses the title ‘Enjoy ZaIina’s Mango Salad’.

“Actually, at that time, Aziah was running a restaurant and was highlighting the menu using the name of a television (TV) presenter.

” I remember when we used to be familiar. We often hang out together. However, the news of ZaIina’s loss stirred my emotions.

” In my heart I wonder where is Zal? I hope wherever he is, God guides him. Whatever you go through, remember Allah,” he said.

Sharifah Shawati said the last time they met was in a bungalow in Bangsar several years ago.

” At that time, Zal celebrated his birthday. I was to host his son, Mikael’s wedding. However, I could not fulfill it because I was tied up with other commitments.

“A few years ago, we met at a party organized by a friend. After that, I lost contact again. In fact, around the same time, many friends tried to track him down but failed,” he said.

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He found out that ZaIina married a Datuk

Sharifah Shawati learned that ZaIina had migrated and was wearing a hijab a few years ago.

” Last I came to know she married someone with the rank of Datuk. However, in the following period, I heard that he was involved in business.

” ZaIina is close to former TV3 newsreader Kelvin Ong. He and Kelvin convinced me to join TV3,” he said.

Yesterday, the media reported that the police are actively searching for the former TV3 personality who had been reported missing since last November.

Police received a report from ZaIina’s son, Mikhael Norman, 33, about her disappearance on November 29 last year.

ZaIina was reported missing after Mikhael failed to contact her since November 24, 2021 to inform her that the TV personality’s father was hospitalized.

Source: youtube Meletop and bharian

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