Shahrol Shiro disagrees with Afdlin Shauki
Shahrol Shiro disagrees with Afdlin Shauki

Shahrol Shiro disagrees with Afdlin Shauki

Yesterday, a partnership of comedians and directors Datuk Afdlin Shauki he came to attention when he disagreed that a comedy club was temporarily closed following a controversy over the fact that women took off their shirts and headscarves.

Following his partnership, Afdlin was harshly criticized by netizens after defending the temporary closure of the Comedy Crackhouse.

BERRY: Afdlin Shauki Bangkang Comedy Club temporarily closed

The partnership has also attracted the attention of comedians, Shahrol Shiro who disagreed with Afdlin who opposed the temporary closure of the comedy club in question. He said the closure was made to help the investigation into the hotly debated issue.

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Shahrol also questioned whether the organizers had not been informed in advance about the show to be performed and did not continue to block if things did not want to happen.

“There are two questions that play in my mind. First of all, as organizers and owners of the spaces, we have the right to block a show if it violates the limits of particularly sensitive issues involving the sanctity of Islam.

“Aren’t the comedians told who will play first? And if he violates this limit, why don’t the organizers go on stage and immediately cancel the show and we see as if the organizers are celebrating the comedy show.

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“Secondly, the organizers have ever released such” content “(content) or is it more sensitive because there are some videos that will be contagious and will again provoke public anger.

“In my opinion, it should be temporarily closed to help the investigation. The “pool” analogy is somewhat less accurate used in this case. There are times when we oppose each other and there are times when we calm down for a while, “he said.

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Through a distribution on Instagram, Shahrol also urged all parties to produce intelligent comedians and keep the boundaries.

“There are times when we oppose and there are times when we calm down for a while. Together we have produced comedians in Malaysia who have intelligent thinking without breaking boundaries and have their own class, ”he said.

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