Seeing business opportunities for Indonesian agricultural export
Seeing business opportunities for Indonesian agricultural export

Seeing business opportunities for Indonesian agricultural export

When we talk about the world of agriculture in Indonesia. So we are talking about returns as well as wealth. Because Indonesia itself is popular as an agricultural country or as a producer of various types of plants that can be processed or consumed. Generally, most Indonesian people used to work as farmers who produced different types of plants.

It can even be said that Indonesian farmers are very successful. In the past, farmers were successful entrepreneurs who could support the success of Indonesia’s current generation. It is even considered a supporter of the Indonesian economy.

Although now few continue to have business opportunities and become farmers, it does not mean that you can miss the following information. For those who are interested in the business opportunity of exporting agricultural materials. Check out the full info below!

Business opportunities in agriculture

Indonesia Agricultural Export Business Opportunities
Indonesia Agricultural Export Business Opportunities

Business is one of the areas that can be worked on, especially if you want to have your own company that can be managed and have its own system as well. There are many companies that have been successfully established by the Indonesian people, namely digital companies such as Kaskus, Tokopedia to ancient companies such as Gudang Garam, Sugar Factory and others.

If you think about it, the main ingredients of the company are agricultural ingredients. For those of you who want to manage skills and also develop knowledge in business/agriculture. You can try a business in this field. There are 2 ways namely to become farmers and to produce and there are those who use their agricultural products only to trade abroad.

Agricultural commodities that have export opportunities

Indonesia Agricultural Export Business Opportunities
Indonesia Agricultural Export Business Opportunities

In the next article we will discuss information. Can this business opportunity be taken seriously? and what types of plants can be used to be exported and also traded outside of Indonesia.

1. Black pepper

The first agricultural products that have the possibility to be sold abroad, such as America/USA and Europe is black pepper. For people abroad, getting pepper is not an easy thing. Because they have to find land for planting, not to mention bad weather.

Meanwhile, in Indonesia, the pepper is produced in Lampung province and is known for its quality, according to the General Directorate of Seasonal Crops and Spices under the Ministry of Agriculture.

The “king of spices” has become one of the most popular and sought-after agricultural ingredients. Even many classy restaurants in America, who order supplies of black pepper directly from our country. If you find the opportunity, of course this business will earn you a lot of money.

2. Coffee

Seeing business opportunities for Indonesian agricultural export. Many entrepreneurs in the agriculture/plantation sector are trying their luck in the world of coffee, even one of Indonesia’s coffees namely Kopi Luwak and Coffee Grapefruit, which are most idolized abroad.

But it should also be noted that there are some countries like Brazil and Argentina that are also included in the coffee producing countries of the world.

3. Wood (Teak / Agarwood / Mahogany)

Timber production has indeed declined as Indonesia’s forests have dwindled. But for those of you who have land, especially large areas that can be used. It seems that there could be a business opportunity in agriculture and plantations, especially in timber.

Besides the very high price, the export of wood can bring benefits to the seller. Abroad, only the transport of wood has a very high price. Not only for furniture making, wood is also made as art. Not surprisingly, shipments of lumber abroad are very high.

4. Tobacco

Another product that is also popular as an export ingredient is tobacco. Several countries such as Europe, especially Great Britain and Ireland, and the United States are the areas where tobacco is most needed. In Indonesia, tobacco production is very large and profitable. Moreover, if some countries have cigarette factories, they must use tobacco as the main ingredient.

5. Palm oil

It is no secret that palm oil is the next product produced by Indonesia. Having a great opportunity to make a profit. Even palm oil can be used as a source of business with no small capital, but the benefits are extraordinary.

Palm oil is widely produced in Kalimantan and Sumatra, being the most fertile and suitable land for this crop. The results are widely distributed in several countries, especially in the European area that requires the supply of lipstick, margarine, shampoo, biodiesel and other production materials.

The challenges of exports in agriculture

If you happen to live in an area that is popular for certain food sources or plants. You can use it not to mention if you manage to own land or special land so that it can be developed and also managed properly.

The results can be produced and also promoted both in Indonesia and abroad, considering that there are quite a few food ingredients that are often difficult to obtain in other countries. But it is very easy to grow and produce in Indonesia as well.

However, there are several challenges you need to be aware of before you decide to export abroad, including:

1. Competition

The first challenge, of course, is the competition. Although the quality produced by Indonesia has different results, do not forget that there are several countries in the world that also have climate almost similar. They can produce the same crop, so there is certainly competition between trade and the export system.

2. Target country

So far, some entrepreneurs can only focus on a few countries. They export to several countries that have paved the way for Indonesian agriculture. While there are several other countries that can be used as targets for cooperation. In addition, the country’s target could be the development of new businesses, for some entrepreneurs and those who plan to export from Indonesia. Do not forget about government regulations and cooperation with the country.

3. Packaging and shipping

The third challenge is packaging as well as shipping. For those who have never dealt with exports, it is better to learn about the transportation and distribution of agricultural materials abroad. Shipping non-living goods is quite difficult, especially if you want to ship agricultural products that have different levels of freshness and durability for each commodity. This must be considered because it is a challenge for many entrepreneurs and also the export system made in Indonesia.

The last challenge is the Indonesian people’s understanding of international business/transactions. Considering many of our farmers can’t even read. Of course, they will be forced to be able to do business with foreign companies or entrepreneurs. There must be intermediaries and institutions to accommodate Indonesian farmers.

If you are reading this opportunity, it can be said that we have been able to see agricultural export business opportunities in Indonesia. Not just selling/growing your own plants. We can also facilitate farmers in Indonesia and give them the opportunity to improve the economy, not just one person, but a village.